Friends are so important.  And I have so few.  So I can only understate how pleased I am to have a partnership with Agent Mamma DJ.

Agent MDJ seems so excited about Fat Beggars School of Prophets and the key notion that the church should recognize Jesus in the street homeless and invite him in to party (and conversely that in finding Jesus in the poor, we must celebrate him in them so that they find him in them as well).  Stated as such, it is a rather simple thing, but so few catch on to it.  And so it pleases me to have a partner who appreciates it and honors it as the goal of our work.

But the really uplifting part, the part that is so refreshing and even surprising, is how that having such a partner means the mission never sleeps.  Hearts and minds are stirred and finding empowerment in the Holy Spirit even when I am not around – even when I am not working on it, even when I am asleep.  It’s not all on my shoulders any more.  I have a partner sharing the load.

And not only sharing the load, but the joy.  And I am pleasantly surprised nearly every other day by fresh ideas, energy, and plans that did not depend on me in the slightest!  For instance Agent MDJ introduced me to Agent V the other day who also has caught the vision.  And Agent V, it turns out, is friends with one of the associate pastors at Bacon Heights Baptist – a church that has a good reputation on the streets for the help they give.  This fact prompted me to write a thank you note to that church a while back, and now Agent V seems to hold the potential to link FBSOP with this exciting church – maybe lending legitimacy to our cause!

See this link for the story of how I discovered Bacon Heights’s street cred here:

But then today, Agent MDJ contacted me to say she has a friend giving her a sizable allotment of tobacco with which she and Agent V plan to roll a bunch of cigarettes to pass out on the streets as we break the ice and share Jesus with people.  And I gotta say, I love that.  It’s humble people of humble means piecing together surprise gifts of love to share with other needy people as a way to encourage, celebrate, and love one another.

Ain’t got no money, hardly, but finding ways to share the love, and feeling the excitement almost like planning a surprise birthday party for a friend.  A labor of love, and all from scratch.  And none of it was my idea, nor is it dependent on me.  A mysterious wind blowing fresh life into Fat Beggars!

Praise God!

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  1. therooflesschurch · January 24, 2018

    Congrats on the partnership. I’m learning from you. The other day a friend asked if I wanted to go snowboarding or to Dave and Buster’s. I suggested buying pizzas and taking them to our unsheltered neighbors. He agreed and we felt more blessed than we would playing video games. We did this after I wrote a blog about homeless technologies. You should check it out. There’s a lot of people working in this space doing some amazing things.

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