Day 270: Life Under an Overpass

Here’s a touching story that will stretch your imagination, I think.

365 Church Planter

Last night I joined Matt, Renee, and around 50 other concerned citizens of Lexington for a survey of homelessness within the city.

Each year cities across the nation collect data on the size and scope of homelessness in America. So armed with care packs and clip boards, we broke into teams of 4-6 with a mission to collect important data on Lexington’s homeless population, offer information for available resources, and hand out supplies.

Each team was given locations within the city where homeless individuals and families have been seen in the past. There was little certainty that people would be at these locations, only a possibility based on prior reports.

Our team met a homeless couple at our very first location.

As we approached, it was immediately apparent that we had come across someone’s camp. A well-worn path led below an overpass that extended over train tracks. Discarded debris and…

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One comment

  1. T. F. Thompson · January 26, 2018

    I would love to see a survey done by the homeless for those who have homes, i.e., the homeless come to the homes and ask them what they think about living normal lives.


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