One Man’s Kindness Spurs a City’s Change of Heart

My kind of minister…suffers my kind of rejection… Hmmm…

Street Sights

After Shutting Down Homeless ‘Slumber Parties’ at a Suburban Chicago Home, Illinois Officials Work to Find New Shelter Space Amid Record-Breaking Cold

By Rob Holmes

(WNS)–City officials last week ordered an Elgin, Ill., man to stop using his home to host “slumber parties” for the homeless. But this week, the city wants Greg Schiller’s help to find new ways to fill gaps in services for the homeless.

Though his suburban Chicago home remains off-limits as a temporary shelter, Schiller said the city’s new attitude about how to house people on cold nights is “like an answered prayer,” according to WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

Schiller had defended welcoming the homeless into his home as a compassionate outreach: “I would stay up all night with them and give them coffee and stuff and feed them.” He insisted he never allowed drugs or alcohol inside his residence on the freezing nights he invited the…

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  1. DH · February 5

    Amazing story but how ironic to say they can’t house them because it is not safe but they are on the street which is likely to be much worse. It is a great use of basements but there is a security risk as well which makes it a little more complicated. Glad to see the use of police lobbies and the like, makes sense. They can’t get into shelters with a criminal record? The shelter system really is a flawed system. You can’t get in to most if you have pets, etc.

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    • Agent X · February 5

      I thought so too. When God’s human creatures are stuck outside amid the freezing cold, it’s time to change the rules on a lot of stuff. Even if only temporary exemptions. This is a no brainer!

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  2. Pastor Randy · February 5

    Thanks for sharing. We are a partner with Room In The Inn, an organization started in the Nashville Area. Different area churches host each night during the winter. We pick up our guests at an intake center. Feed them a hot supper and breakfast before returning them to the Intake Center. It doesn’t answer the question on how to end homelessness, but it does provide them a safe and warm place for the night. Blessing, my Brother!

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    • Agent X · February 5

      Thanx for this response and the service you offer. I don’t recall if I heard of Room In The Inn before or not, but I think bringing people into our churches for the night is a vital part of the complete answer! I am sure we can quibble over details at that level too, but I will be one to hush my mouth at that point.

      We are the church, the Body of Christ. Jesus does things NO OTHER organization can do. As a church, that is now our job.

      I believe providing the temporary (or permanent) shelter in our fancy facilities is an important part of it. I think filtering these folks into our homes (think of all those empty guest rooms!) is a vital part. My house is full of foster children (just one version of this), but I have in the past hosted numerous street people too (cannot mix them with children).

      I don’t care about security. ADT is a waste of money. What is security to those carrying crosses?

      But I think the next level that has not been brought up yet is the PARTY. Look at Luke 14 (and 15) at Deut. 14 as well. Worship is a party, and inviting the broken, blind lame, and poor is a matter of paying attention go God’s special guest list of honored guests.

      I don’t know of any passages that tell us to END homelessness or poverty. But when we reorder our eating tables to include the Matt. 25 Jesus, I expect a fundamental shift in creation is achieved. It is opening the way to the tree of life for those who would otherwise be barred. And the tree of life is in our hearts.

      So… yeah, I get very excited anytime I see or hear of churches opening the doors to the poor, the cold, the needy. That is where they BELONG. I think about how the picture of Jesus walking those dusty Galilean trails depicts all these mobs of needy broken people clinging to him and pressing in on him and running ahead to meet him on the other side when he gets in a boat. He is mobbed everywhere he goes by such lowly people! And I am bothered when I see churches that have no sign of this.

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      • Pastor Randy · February 5

        This line of yours: “Jesus does things NO OTHER organization can do. As a church, that is now our job.” is where the local church is often found lacking…but it is where we must spend our time as we walk with Jesus!

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