Behind The Scenes / Behind Closed Doors (Talking about the Homeless behind their backs)

I spent a good deal of time and energy shedding dead weight and long distance readers on this blog over the course of the late Fall and Winter.  (Let me say that IF you are dead weight and/or long distance, you actually are still welcome to read and participate with this blog, but I aim to engage local Lubbock people ESPECIALLY.  Please don’t feel put out.  If you had the perseverance to stay despite my efforts to get rid of you, then I take that to mean you are serious about being here.  And so, you are welcome despite the rhetoric otherwise.)  And as part of the move to focus locally and shed distance readers, I began to make efforts to directly address street homeless people with our mutual concerns.  But recent posts have begun to deal with lots of erudite and theological engagement with my Bible class at church.

I will not deny that I personally take a measure of comfort camping out in that sort of mental space.  This blog has done a LOT of that kind of thing over the years.  But just when I begin making efforts to engage the streets more directly WITH this blog, I find myself doing direct business with the church.  I am part of the discussion behind closed doors!  But I am sticking up for the Jesus on the streets.

I apologize for all the erudition of late, but ironically, I think it is pertinent.  And by no means is erudition exclusive to street people necessarily.  Plenty of street people know their Bible deeply and/or have college and grad school degrees.  Perhaps not most, but plenty do.

But I hope you see that I am a bit off the trail I intended to go down at the moment, yet still working for the cause.  What can I say, I am representing the locked out behind closed doors as best I can, and I am sharing that with you – any who care to log on.  The only thing I hide is the identities of the players.



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