Just Open The Door!!! (Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It)

“I was a stranger… and you took me in…” – Jesus.

“I was a stranger… and you did not take me in…” – Jesus.

“Behold!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you open up, I will come in and party with you!” – Jesus.

Yeah… Really.  He said these things.  Look it up.

So how is it that his “Church” (his “Bride”, his “Body”, his followers) put a lock on the door, a security camera to watch, and an ADT sign in the flowerbed to protect the door against Jesus?  And why do we charge money for books, videos, seminars, and web courses AND THEN listen to them as they help us keep the doors locked in an effort to not “hurt” by “helping”?

That’s Jesus out there!  Somebody turn off the video and open the door!  Really!  Just OPEN THE DOOR!  And stop making all these hifalutin excuses.



  1. Jonathan Erdman · February 9

    I blame capitalism.

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    • Agent X · February 9

      Behind capitalism, I blame the demon Mammon. Not to give a pass to capitalism in the slightest, but to clarify for my part.

      Yeah. As part of the class I am taking, I watched a video where the instructor tasked the class with providing relief to some starving villages in a foreign land. (I am paraphrasing it.) And the students put together a plan to air drop tons of rice. The moment this plan was drawn up, the instructor says, “Congratulations. You just put 10 local rice farmers out of business.”

      Oh snap!

      And of course the rhetoric there suggests the students made some huge mistake. The project SEEMED like a success to those of us doing the charity, but really it crippled the economy of the starving peoples.

      That is the rhetoric.

      My question was: WAIT! You mean there are 10 rice farmers there and 20 thousand starving men, women, and children???

      So… Due to capitalism and business interests, people are starving??? Hmmm… So why are we Christians beholding to these business interests? We just did what 10 rice farmers FOR NO GOOD REASON could not bring themselves to do… FEED God’s image-bearing human creatures!

      I say, GOOD. Put them out of business! Good riddance. Mammon is a demon, not the true and loving God of creation. Send him packing!!!


  2. T. F. Thompson · February 9

    Few words will penetrate ‘self’. And most know God or Jesus only by a list of words. Some even equate the Bible with Jesus; thus, how are Christians going to advance when it goes no further? Jesus can bang on the door all he wants. As long as he gives us a choice I’m afraid we’ll experience these outcomes. Jesus is not really a man to only be read about: we must be engaged with him and exchange life together. This is all easily said, but so difficult on the practical level when you’re dealing with such shallow people. Let these same people suffer terribly and do without and then we’d see us together holding hands as a family with Jesus at the lead.

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  3. Agent X · February 9

    From a deep cover op:

    BTW….I looked for “I will party with you”. .? Must be your personal translation, yes? Kinda sets you up for …. distortion, ouch! Otherwise good.


    • Agent X · February 9

      If you don’t like my translation, go burn your copy of The Message.

      I will stand by the translation. If Jesus wants to eat with you from the Tree of Life, that is the standard for “Party” in my book. Not a distortion. But I am happy for the opportunity to say that publically. So thanx for the comment.

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      • Michael Wilson · February 9

        I think Revelation 3:20 backs up your translation and use of party.

        So sad to see this injustice. God is God and justice will be done.

        Be blessed.

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  4. Larry Who · February 9

    “And why do we charge money for books, videos, seminars, and web courses…”

    If it’s my decision, I will ask for an offering for my books. It doesn’t bother me if the person only leaves a penny or a cap from a bottle of Pepsi. That’s the person’s decision, not mine. I believe the Lord provides for me and to be honest, the offerings always average out more than what I would have charged.

    To sell my books on Amazon, I have to charge a price because that’s the rule. I do run FREE promotions throughout the year.

    Now, in a perfect world, everyone would have enough faith to trust God and offer their goods for an offering. That’s not happening right now. So I accept the people where they are and if they have a good book, I buy it.

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    • Agent X · February 9

      Thanx for the comment!

      Perhaps I should clarify a bit. Sorry for the unclarity.
      First off, I buy books all the time. I have not sold any, but I suppose I might. Probably not, but I might. But I buy books all the time, and I don’t normally make a fuss over it.

      That said, I do wish especially Christian materials would be free of charge. I worked in a Christian bookstore for several years, and I see the BUSINESS of it boiling the lobster unaware. When you really look at it, it corrupts the faith. But that is not actually the thinking behind my statement here. And yes I have such sensitivities, but no, I don’t have them all worked out at that level so that is not actually the point of my remark

      The point I was meaning to make, the point which obviously should be clarified, is that in this class of all classes, we are paying to take this class (and read any of the books we might purchase) as part of a Bible class at church designed to deal with the poor.

      As I see it, this is flawed at two levels.

      1. I am bothered that my church is offering a class that requires a fee.

      I would entertain the idea that the church use the contribution money to purchase the course on our behalf, but when you offer a course at church for a fee, some might be priced out who want to take it. The fundamental split that causes troubles me. Of course I can imagine a benefactor among the members paying for some or all, and that would mitigate myconcern too. But as a general rule, I am troubled that a class at church comes with a fee.

      2. This is a course designed to help us deal with the poor. And it so happens to be one that would tell us not to purchase a seat for a poor brother or sister because that would harm them. One of the basic ideals in this class is that if you do for someone else what they can do for themselves, you are harming them. Or that if you help too much, you make these people dependent on you, and that somehow that is damaging. But they require I pay them for this instruction. And since I completely refute this kind of thinking, I think the money spent on the fee would have been better used as a handout to a junkie on the corner.

      Thus my remark… but now hopefully clarified.

      Thanx for commenting.


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