I Am Nobody Special

I am not special.

I am not important.

I am not famous.  I have very few important friends.

I am a kook by any conventional measure.

I do not have a Ph.D.  I do not have a doctorate of any kind.  Though I have a Bible degree, and though I graduated at the top of my class, I did not finish my graduate work.

I do not lead a church.  I am not a pastor, elder, bishop or deacon.  Though I volunteer my services as I am able, I am not asked to lead groups or teach (except for children’s classes).  I have not published any books (best sellers or otherwise).

I do not head up a charitable organization.  I am not on the board of directors of any organizations currently in operation.  I am not a featured speaker or lecturer.  I am not considered an authority by anyone.

I am rich (sure) among poor people, but I am poor among the rich.  I do not belong to any prestigious organizations.  No country club membership.  I am the president of nothing.  I don’t shop at high end stores.  I don’t use credit cards.  I drive a humble Nissan.

There is no conventional, good reason to read what I write or listen to what I say.  My words will not earn you any money, respect, or admiration – at least not from people we typically admire.  On the contrary, there is every conventional, good reason not to read me or listen to what I say.  My words will likely cost you money, respect and admiration – at least from people we typically admire.

I am nobody special.  My friends are nobodies too.

I get no perks for being me or saying and doing what I say and do.  More often than not, I get tolerated.  Tolerated and sometimes shunned.

But I think I speak for Jesus.  And if you can show me where I am mistaken about that, you will do me a huge favor!  Because if I could change the message, I really think I could be pastor and sell books.  I really think I could rake in a living and get some respect.  And that sure would be nice.

But…  If it turns out that I really do speak for Jesus and that I am not mistaken about that, then whether I die and speak out in futility all my life and never see the benefit or whether those in earshot find conviction, God will have used a nobody to serve his Gospel message.  And in the Age to Come, the rewards will outweigh the costs in the present age.



  1. clashofcashntrash · March 11

    I am one of your nobody friends.

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  2. Pastor Randy · March 12

    God puts His Treasure in ordinary clay pots. It’s far better to be ordinary–this way HE makes us extraordinary! Thanks for these thoughts….this is the only way HE receives the glory! Thanks for being “not special” in the eyes of the world, but especially thanks for being extraordinary in HIM!

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  3. Agent X · March 12

    This comment just in from anonymous reader:

    Remember, God’s will …

    was for Joseph to be rejected by his brothers, sent to Egypt as a slave and a prisoner along his life journey, 

    Was also that St. John was exiled to Patmos, 

    And that James was killed, while Peter was freed from prison and escaped death.

    Further that St. Paul would be beaten and jailed, 

    Ultimately that God’s own Son, Jesus was beaten and executed. 

    Why do we assume God’s will for us – – is to have a great job, a happy spouse, and a large bank account…. and an excellent parking space?

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  4. We should all be nobodies.

    The Apostle Paul said it well. “I have become foolish; you yourselves compelled me. Actually I should have been commended by you, for in no respect was I inferior to the most eminent apostles, even though I am a nobody.”

    And of course from our King Jesus “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’”

    Be blessed in your great work and continuing to speak the true word of our living God!

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    • Agent X · March 12

      I was thinking of St. Paul when I wrote this (and the next one too). I think he was beloved in a few places, but the Galatian church leaves a real question mark, and I get the sense that the Corinthians were likely so embarrassed by and/or ashamed of him that he likely did not win their affection back. Whatever the case, he seems to have given them a resume of shame to call them to humility where their reconciliation could be realized.

      I know full well my story and Pauls are significantly different. But there is enough commonality that I had his in mind.

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