Pray Jones Stadium (Jesus Gets The Christians Together on Palm Sunday)

I want to go on record: Fat Beggars School of Prophets endorses Pray Jones Stadium 2018!

Normally, I avoid writing and reading blogs on Sunday morning.  I prefer both my readers and myself attend the assembly and give our attention to the Jesus we worship there.  But I have sick kids and must stay home today taking care of them.  And this being Palm Sunday AND the first meeting of Christians in Lubbock on a mass scale since Billy Graham came here in the 1970’s, I want to add my voice of encouragement for this worship event.

I have often lamented that nothing gets the Christians of Lubbock together quite like a football game – not even Jesus!  The biggest venue in town is the Jones Stadium where Texas Tech plays football.  During football season, Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Catholics, and every brand of Christian in between get together with the pagans, the drunks, the students, and every kind of sports fan to cheer their hearts out for the home team, but they split up into their little enclaves to worship Jesus (those that even do that).

Not today.

Today the pastors of Lubbock join the church together to pray.  In some ways it is a small gesture, but hopefully a start down a unity path.  I want to support that!

I will not, sadly, be able to attend.  I really hate that I cannot.  But I hope some of the Fat Beggars do attend.  And I hope it grows and builds up so that we do more of this in the future.

Please, please, please.  See the link above, and if possible for you to be in Lubbock today, I hope you will join this prayer service and give glory to God.



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  1. clashofcashntrash · March 25, 2018

    Too bad you missed it. We needed your numbers. Looks like we managed a little more than half the expected crowd. Still, it was a good start. The largest gathering for prayer in Lubbock for decades.

    Sadly, much of the prayer was devoted to businessmen and politicians. Makes me wonder if its really Jesus we were there for or if we are looking for a show of power in numbers as a way to show strength and hopefully get Jesus to endorse it. Such a thin line between faith and betrayal sometimes. Not sure we were on the right side of it, but hopefully God blesses it.

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