News Flash/Prayer Request 4-8-18

(I am having a hectic day and little time to write or respond to the blog(s).  Thus I am firing off a quick one now anticipating follow up as time permits.)

Those of you following this blog closely (and mostly not local) recall numerous posts I have shared regarding Agent Mamma DJ and Agent V.  You recall that these ladies, in addition to serving the Fat Beggars street ministry, are only a heartbeat off the streets themselves.  I recently described Agent V’s struggle just to get to the job God blessed her with, and then home again each day.  And I recall saying that desperation hunts her around every corner as I praised her uncommon devotion to work her way from the bottom of the pile, out of addiction and all that mess, and into permanent housing and employment.

She has been walking two hours to work and then two hours back each day for a minimum wage job!  And in the meantime, these ladies have secured a rent-to-own, fixer-upper camper that they have been restoring.  I also described how that DJ has access to a car of her own as soon as she can reestablish her ID and a few other bureaucratic hoops to jump through.  However, I don’t think I described how that the land lady has a broke down Pontiac that DJ is skilled in repairing.

Well, they have been fixing the Pontiac over the course of the last two weeks as a temporary measure.  And it turns out that Agent V’s husband came to take the car to get tires and gas this morning as another step in that process, but while he was out with it, he left the keys in it while he went into a store and it was stolen.  Subsequent to that, the cops came to the house to talk to DJ and Agent V, and while there, they ran warrants and got a hit on Agent V.

Agent V is now in custody for a very old charge that she has already distanced herself from unofficially for several months at least.  She has kicked her drug habit, started college, got a job and a place to live, and she walks miles and miles each way to work every day.  (I imagine she was feeling a bit desperate for this car to work out!)  But now it is all – I mean ALL – in jeopardy.  She is missing work right now as she sits in jail trying to figure out how long.

Will her job be waiting for her when she gets back?  How will the bills get paid in the meantime?  Will she still have a place to live?

If I were Agent V and fighting urges to get high and escape reality for a while, I don’t know if I would manage it.  I am certain that without my brothers and sisters “in Christ”, I would feel lost already.

I really don’t know what the answers are for this.  Agent Mamma DJ told me in the course of our discussion that the land lady will sell the camper outright for $800.  It would take me a year to come up with that.  I expect it would take at least 2 or 3 and possibly 4 for before DJ and Agent V would get it paid off.

Am I asking for money?


But I won’t turn it away either.

I will not guarantee that $800 in their hands right now will iron out their problems.  But it might.  It would be a huge blessing!  And I am sure the ROI in heaven would outshine that new big screen TV with the plasma and LED’s and all that which has been calling out to you from the Amazon shopping ap.  So, if it were a matter of getting yourself a fancy TV or helping a couple of God’s children get over a hurdle in their path, I would be happy to point that out to you.

But honestly, I cannot say it would fix things at all.

Yet, I am sure of this: These ladies need some encouragement and some HOPE.  And if you can offer that in any form that is REAL and not just smoke up the skirt, please make the offer.  And that includes prayers!  Please feel free to leave prayers in the comments section.  And if you want to reach out to me privately, I will not publish your comment if you request it.



  1. I am praying! I’ll send a private message. You know where to look.

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  2. Debi · April 9, 2018

    Thoughts, prayers, and action taken.

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