A Fat Beggar’s Proposal

In the interest of simplicity, let me offer a quick, simple, 27-point outline of the ministry Fat Beggars School of Prophets is advocating the church perform on behalf of the poor and homeless of Lubbock.  Then after offering this quick, simple, 27-point outline, and only after, I will discuss the complexities inherent in it, and attempt to alleviate anxieties and other concerns churches, pastors, and students of the Seeking Shalom class may have regarding it.

But first, the quick, simple 27-point outline:

1- Open the door of your church (literally take the key in hand, unlock it, and swing it open)

2- Invite the homeless to come inside where it is warm and dry (literally speak words of welcome to the outcast of this city)

3- Throw a party for the guests (a full blown meal (pizza is a good suggestion for the menu))

4- As a centerpiece of the meal/party, facilitate worship of Jesus – particularly with a communion service AS PART OF THE MEAL

5- Keep the door open all night long, and make space for people to sleep when they get tired.

6- Repeat points 1-5

7- Repeat points 1-5

8- Repeat points 1-5

9- Repeat points 1-5

10- Repeat points 1-5

11- Repeat points 1-5

12- Repeat points 1-5

13- Repeat points 1-5

14- Repeat points 1-5

15- Repeat points 1-5

16- Repeat points 1-5

17- Repeat points 1-5

18- Repeat points 1-5

19- Repeat points 1-5

20- Repeat points 1-5

21- Repeat points 1-5

22- Repeat points 1-5

23- Repeat points 1-5

24- Repeat points 1-5

25- Repeat points 1-5

26- Repeat points 1-5

27- Repeat points 1-5, and keep repeating it until you have done it 70 times 7 times (or until you lose count and just keep doing it eternally (which ever comes first))

I stop at 27 points just to keep this as simple and quick as I can.

(Note to my regular readers: You have Special Agent TT from Jacksonville, Florida to thank for prompting me to articulate this proposal.  I hope this post helps.  I expect to iron out the complexities in the comment section and/or in a subsequent post.  But for quick simplicity’s sake… this is the post for now.)


  1. T. F. Thompson · April 10, 2018

    Agent X. This is an excellent start: it is QUICK and clear to the point with no BS inbetween. Okay, now that you have your draft, I don’t see a compromise either except for maybe, the church to get to know the community outside of the pews, little by little. Think about it, if you will. How can you go wrong with open arms for everyone? I could be wrong, but I believe that’s how it is with God. In reference to His feast or party, he ended up inviting wretched folks like you and me because all those invited provided an excuse. I praise God that in His inclusiveness, it sought after people such as us who are nobodies to the world at large. What a pleasure to be known and recognized and embraced within the clutches of the church who represent the mass body parts of Jesus who is the head. Right on the money, my friend. Good job of explaining and now to see all of this pan out exactly how it should. Doors wide open. Amen Jacksonville, Florida. Tom

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    • Agent X · April 10, 2018

      To be fair, there are real concerns to deal with still. However, also to be fair, they are not nearly as complicated as “the church” makes them out to be. Contempt makes a smokescreen to hide contempt behind, and that is the empowerment behind all the game-playing with it. These people are not really that stupid, but they act like it is all too complex and cannot be that simple.

      I will deal with some of the real concerns soon. But still, the simple picture here is worth a thousand words.

      Stay tuned.


      • T. F. Thompson · April 10, 2018

        I insist fairness has nothing to do with it for Jesus told us to tend to His people plain and simple. In this case, the situation is simple enough. Jesus says ‘yes’ and His church, His people say ‘NO!’ It couldn’t be any more clear than that.

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  3. Agent X · April 10, 2018

    This comment sent in anonymously:

    Consider the following:
    So, I caught only the last 10 minutes of “The Nazi Gospels”. (History Channel)
    Therein the program summed up the Nazi ideology offered a faith system wherein the eradication of the inferior and infectious races such as the Jews and Slavs was intended to protect the Aryan Race from degradation and destruction.
    This view facilitated their continued operation of their death camps even when the expended resources would eat into their financial needs for their war efforts. It even suggests a felt desperate need to kill what they considered deadly vermin (including women and children) up to the last days of the war.
    Such ideas were used to poison SS killers to see their duties as glorious service.
    These ideas also undergrid the hate and allowed otherwise humanistic persons to view and treat other humans in extraordinarily dark ways.
    In like manner early Americans believed God had blessed the wealthy among them and the impoverished were cursed.
    Is it possible remnants of this latter ideology impacts how we treat the the homeless among us?


  4. clashofcashntrash · April 10, 2018

    I love it.

    But I hate to be critical of such a brilliant piece of literature. But this should be obvious.

    Point #1 needs to be 3 separate points. Otherwise Pastor Bates will find it too complex to deal with.

    Seriously, unlock AND open??? AND invite???

    Tall order for someone gone blind from too much pastorbation!

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    • Agent X · April 10, 2018

      Good point.

      Harsh, but on target, I think.


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