A Pertinent Phenom I Noticed Today

(Bear with me a bit in this short post.  Regular readers, I hope, will see the relevance soon enough as it pertains to this blog, but it came out of left field for me, and it might for you too.)


Here at the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners, we keep four foster children under 2 years of age.  However, our “expertise” (if it can be said that way) comes from the four big kids we already raised (one in college, but still living at home, and one in high school, also living at home).  And once in a while, hopefully not too much, I ask one of the big kids for a little help tending to the little ones.

To be fair, the big kids frequently offer their help when it is needed, but still, fostering is not their responsibility, and so we work to limit just how much we tax them for help.

So anyway, this morning, I needed to run a quick errand and asked the high school kid if they would watch the babies for about 15 – 20 minutes for me.  I could see that the request was not met with enthusiasm, though the agreement was cordial enough.  As you can imagine, I tried to downplay the burden of it, and assure the big kid that I would be quick to return and resume my responsibilities.  Still, I felt the burden I was leveraging, and I could tell it was not wanted.

But with the agreement established I raced off to my errand working as quick as I could to come back to the relief of the big kid.  And when I was almost finished, there was a phone call from the big kid.  I immediately announced that I was almost done and almost back, but this is when the phenom came to light.

The big kid was calling to inform me that they would all be loaded up in the wagon going for a walk together when I got back.


The burden had turned into a party.  A small celebration of fun together!  This big kid even hitched the wagon to the dog who pulled it and made a funny video of it all!  Go figure.

This big kid babysitting for me suddenly found the joy of the task, and did not want to give it up yet after all.


I wonder if I might get this idea across to the church so desperately seeking Shalom when it comes to charity…



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