Vacation (Pastorbation) Time!

Did you here the one about the homeless minister who took a two week vacation?

Yeah…  He told his congregants he was taking some much-needed time off, to recharge, refresh, and reconnect with God for two weeks in the Bahamas.  Somehow, though (perhaps he could tell by the look in their eyes, but no one said anything openly to his face), he sensed he lost his connection with his flock.  He had worked hard for almost two years to gain their respect and trust, and it all felt tentative all over again.

He chalked it up to just more evidence that he needed time off.  And anyway, the pastor at his sponsoring church told him to do it – to recharge, refresh, and reconnect with God….

Yeah, and the senior pastor at the sponsoring church gave the homeless minister a brochure for the resort in the Bahamas that the homeless minister was now going to visit.  It turns out that the senior pastor has a club membership that earns him 15% off his annual trip there if he persuades someone else to go there at full price.

Oh, and the senior pastor spent a month there on “sabbatical” earlier in the spring.  Yeah, he reconnected with God there too – God and a porn channel on the TV.  And judging by the empty seats in his assembly most Sundays, he should be feeling the loss of connection with his own flock.

Actually, one of the rich business men in his flock got a 20% discount on his annual club fee when he talked the pastor into joining the club at regular price.

Anyway, it sure is good that all the ministers are getting away to recharge, refresh, and reconnect to their gods – Mammon and Aphrodite!

Happy Summer from the streets, ya’ll!

One comment

  1. clashofcashntrash · April 24, 2018

    Ouch! Now, that’s pastorbation!

    So cynical. I feel the heat coming off that one.

    Liked by 1 person

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