God’s power with His tee-shirt of Fat Beggars school of Prophets

I was hoping Agent TFT would edit this post by adding a photo before I reblogged this, but even without it, the post is a hoot, and I wanna share it with my readers too.

Hard Times Ministries

Who would have ever thought a person would get over a hundred comments from simply wearing one tee-shirt to church?  That’s exactly what happened at Lakewood Presbyterian Church here in Jacksonville, Florida.

The back of the shirt’s logo is:  Jesus was Homeless

And so between the prophet part of the logo and then the connection to the homeless:  many church members expressed statements of encouragement.

Understand if you would that Most Presbyterians anymore are either liberal or moderate in social stances:  I don’t imagine any Presbyterians believe in modern day prophets.  And while I don’t claim to be a prophet, I announced I was a member to a group that was:  mainly that of the FAT BEGGARS SCHOOL OF PROPHETS lead by my friend, Agent X.

As a matter of fact, I’d like to solicit those who would identify with the Fat Beggars school of Prophets and their championing the…

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  1. T. F. Thompson · April 30, 2018

    I have to figure out how to upload a photo to wordpress.

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  2. American Homeless · May 5, 2018

    So…..I want to know how to get a t-shirt!

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