A Blanket Toddler Tent

With allergies taking over, we will be staying in today.  The toddlers and me…

And here at the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners, I introduced a new idea for them that just drives them wild: a blanket tent/fort.  Yeah, you know what I mean – a blanket spread delicately between the sofa and the easy chair creating a tunnel/passage way.

Oh… what that does to the imagination!

We have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of toys strewn everywhere through the house and in the yard!  But a well-placed blanket entices the kids to drop all of that and come running!  RUNNING!!!

Running in joy and delight.

But, being toddlers, after only a minute of enjoying the tent/tunnel, they feel compelled to touch it, to taste it, to explore what happens when you grab hold of it at the edge.

And invariably…

It comes down.

A moment of shock.

Then the crying begins… as if to say: Pops!  Put it back!  PUT IT BACK!!  PUT IT BACK!!!

And, of course, Pops indulges.  Time and time again.  But the toddlers don’t seem to learn.

Pops repeatedly instructs them and pleas with them not to pull it down, but all to no avail.

It’s a lesson that just ain’t gonna connect… not today, anyway.  Eventually, sure… but not today.

And the gamut of emotions: Joy/delight, shock, sadness, and frustration.  It’s all instantaneous and repetitive.

Oh… and I am a rock star in my own living room too.

Draw your own conclusions.


One comment

  1. Agent X · May 10

    Anonymous comment sent in:

    The human power of imagination, what an ability. In the Garden the snake enchants Eve via her imagination enticing her to sin.
    Seems to me…in my own life…I am usually the culprit who had the wheel in my own hands riding a fantasy that was powerful and deadly.
    Like riding a bronco one can learn to employ one’s imagination for the glory of God or to debase one’s self, humanity and such even to dark criminality!
    But it all begins with “peek or boo”!


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