… But I Pray For Him

I don’t like him.  I didn’t vote for him.  I don’t think he represents me (and certainly not Jesus). I won’t endorse him.  And I don’t even like him!  (Did I say that already???  Well it bears repeating.)

But I pray for him every day.

I am not a hater, and in fact, I have to work at not being one.  He makes it so easy, and he is the champion of haters, for he certainly hated his predecessor and all of his opponents with a flare.

You know good-n-well who I am talking about.  I don’t need to put his name on this post (one of the precious few things that doesn’t have his name on it!).

But I want you to know, I pray for him.

And every now and again, I find something he does to be thankful for.  Yeah.  Every now and again.

And today I am thankful that he has set the captives free.

Yeah, look at your news feed.  Fake or otherwise.  They are pretty much all telling it.

This is just a crumb from the table, I know.  I am grateful for it, though.  And I have to admit, this development just was not likely coming from his predecessor or his opponents (almost all of whom were no prize themselves).  It really wasn’t even likely coming from him either, actually.  But it was likely coming from the one I pray to about him.

Let’s remember Who is REALLY in charge, even behind the scenes.  Jesus has been ruling the world under, around, over, through, AND EVEN IN SPITE OF other world rulers a lot longer than any of us have been praying.

And let us be grateful for that.

And let us pray for him.



  1. An excellent post. Thanks for the reminder. I, too, need to pray for him.

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  2. Amen. I pray as well. Jesus is King and in control.

    Be blessed.

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  3. Agent X · May 10

    Anonymous comment sent in:

    I posted this elsewhere saying the Apostle Peter taught us to honor the king. His name was Nero! Wow.


  4. treeofhopeministries · May 21

    Well put. Very well put.

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