Bearing The Image at the Place of Shame, Pain, & Despair

Thomas, Mark, Jerry, Jason, Heather & Dennis, Ricardo, Ishmael, George, Belinda, Leo, Pedro, Sylvia, Charles & Autumn, Jeremy, Damien, John & Gina, Jessica & her friends from Denver, Andy, Aaron, Aaron, Dustin, Justina, Mike & Faith, Erika & Rudy, Catman, Daniel, Daniel & Jenifer, SteveO & Patty, James & May, Lee & Suzi, Matt, Mary, Tex & Ryan, Roadkill, Scarlett, Hank, Henry, & Harry, Kate, Kathy, William-Lee, and Lucio, Johnny, Daniel Zapata, Qurran, Raul, and that whole crew, Trip, Melissa, Allison, Cassandra, Stephen & Sarah, Craig & Antwon and that whole crew, David & Tasha, Christina, Brenda, Ryan, Turk, Tony & Rene and Nikki and all them, Alabama, “Bob from Denver”, Jim & Happy, Michael, Etta, Daniel & Pete, Red, Crystal & Dustin, Mike, Lee, Joe & Melissa, Mamma Jo & Cliff, Mamma DJ, Anna, Anica, GL, Veronica, Wendy, Kitty, and Terry

… Just to name a few….



  1. Anonymous · May 22

    Sounds like the begats: just also like in Hebrew, ergo meaning is lost in translation “for those of us country people who don’t speak Greek, brother Keeble”….

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    • Agent X · May 22

      It’s a little like visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall. You can read it from start to finish if you want to. You can hunt for a name you know and scribble a pencil over a piece of paper on the name if you want to. And if you are uninitiated, you might think it’s like reading a phone book or a dictionary that is full of meaning but doesn’t make sense to you because you don’t follow the point of it.

      I expect most country folx who read here often get it. If not, they are free to ask. I will offer explanation as best I can to any who ask.

      Thanx for looking out for them!

      Your’s truly,
      Bro. Keeble


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