The Reign of gods

“Democracy” – such a wonderful idea – is not the Rule of God, not the rule of a king, but it is a never-quite-realized rule of “the people” that depends on an ideal of “equality”.  Basically, democracy treats the citizenry as if all the individuals are kings of their own domains dealing with each other as equals and letting majority rule in all decisions regarding governance.  We all get to be equal kings in this arrangement, and if you can sway enough opinion among equals, then your opinion will rule as we all submit to the majority opinion.

It sounds great and promises soooooooo much.  As king you can be in charge of your own destiny.  You can make of the world anything you want!  The only limitation is the opinions of all the equal-partner kings with whom you share the reign of this domain.

It should be no surprise, then, that you win some rulings and lose some.  (But that is not very kingly, is it?)  Under this system, it only works if we respect the opinions of other kings we may or may not agree with in the decisions that are made.  (No real king does that, do they?)  The ideal, of course, is that surely the majority opinion will be the right one.  (This always pans out, no?)  The ideal, of course, is that surely the majority will actually rule and not be thwarted by a shifty system of representation (such as an electoral college???).

Oh, man… this is getting complicated, isn’t it?  And I am only three paragraphs into these thoughts.

And I thought this was a “Christian nation” I was living in, the nation that leads the world in democratic ideals.  But shouldn’t a “Christian nation” be subject to the King of kings?  And isn’t His Rule and Reign the one that counts?  Why is He beholding to majority rule or any ideals other than His own?  Why am I acting like the electoral college on His behalf?  Haven’t I shortchanged His Reign the moment I dared to participate in a system that says I am “equal” with all the others?

Oh, man… this idolatry is getting complicated fast isn’t it?

Yeah, can we really treat God’s creation like a giant Algebra equation?  Didn’t our “founding fathers” botch this from the beginning when they used words like “all men … created equal” but really they only meant white, land-owning men?  Is it any wonder we can’t stand the rule of the Other Party in our political system?  (I don’t care which one you identify with, this is true going either way.  No?)

And not only is it producing lack of respect for the other “equals” among all these kings, but outright displays of hate, scorn, and contempt.  How does that honor God?

In The Reign of God, though, doesn’t He blow the idea of equality away?  I thought He said, “If you want to be the greatest in the Kingdom of God, then you must become the slave of all the others”….  Didn’t I read that somewhere?

So if the majority rules, but there is complications with even that, and if we don’t respect the will of the people, and there is complications with that too, then “equality” and “democracy” are not delivering on their promises.  And the deep Revelation (Apocalypse) here is that we have a reign of gods rather than The Reign of God.  And no amount of flag and apple pie is going to enthrone Him.

So, just what are we doing here?



  1. Great insight and question. Jesus is looking for answer. Who is King? Who is the Master (owner)? Who is the slave?

    Thanks for speaking the truth!

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  2. clashofcashntrash · May 31

    This means every time I pray The Lord’s Prayer, I commit treason against this nation.

    Woah. Heavy.

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  3. Larry Who · May 31

    Yes, we live in an imperfect and flawed nation, but we have to remember that it wasn’t created to be a democracy. It was created to be a republic, which is based on laws. Many of today’s problems are the result of our nation’s changing itself from a republic into a democracy. Like you, I look forward to the kingdom of God reigning here on earth, but that won’t happen until Jesus returns to earth. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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    • Agent X · June 2

      The number of the beast is an imperfect and flawed number.

      I don’t know what to say about the origins of our nation with regard to “republic”, but I can say that it is just another version of the Tower of Babel. It does not deserve our allegiance, and we cannot divide our allegiance between the Kingdom of God and the Tower. But boy, we sure try to.

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