Agent Tex

Yesterday was one of those blessed days when Mrs. Agent X suggested I get out for a while.  She would handle the kids on her own and give me a little freedom to do my own thing.  Though this kind of thing is rare, it seems to follow a pattern.  These moments come suddenly, and I am unprepared for them.

I did what I usually do, at such times; I hit the streets.

I went down by the Walmart on Marsha Sharp Freeway and quickly made a circuit walking the sidewalks in the area.  I approached a man on a corner with a bike and a wagon.  He appeared friendly, and I was ready to offer a smoke and make chit chat.

We didn’t talk more than 30 seconds before the guy recognized me and asked my name trying to place me.  I, on the other hand, completely failed to recognize him.  But as we sorted through the possibilities, he shared his name with me: Tex.


Oh yeah!  Of course!  I haven’t seen Tex in years, but I do have a special memory of meeting him with Agent Matt (RIP), and getting a group rounded up in my car and taking us all down to eat at Asbury Methodist one night.


And after that, I put Tex on my prayer list, which you can see I posted again recently here.  Yeah, follow the link and read through it; you will see.

And this, of course, segued into me informing this brother that I have prayed for him daily ever since we last met.  And he informed me that he needed those prayers because he had been in jail for two years, but he is blessed that during that time he kicked is main addiction.


I could tell more, but since I am using his name, I think I will leave the rest of it private, but I want to share this serendipity.  It is good to be in the hand of God, in his will, and connecting with others in his care.


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  1. Lily Pierce · June 2

    You are truly the hands and feet, my friend! So thankful for you and The School of Prophets.

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