Dear Church,

SLAAAAAAAAAM! What a find? Please, readers of Fat Beggars School of Prophets, read this post, reblog it, post it to your Facebook, and get this letter circulating around the capital C Church. Thanx.

Like Cows

I was on the way to a late night coffee house to do a bible study and prayer time with a friend. The coffee house is a pretty dark place, and is in a sketchy part of Minneapolis. We did studies there often to build relationships and be witnesses. This time, we accidentally missed our exit twice despite having been to this coffee shop numerous times. We got off on a different exit to turn around when we spotted a homeless man on the side of the road. There was nothing particularly special about his appearance – he looked like any other homeless person that most people would write off as a drug addict or lazy. But the Lord saw a specific person “named Andrew but whose friends called him Drew.” That night Jesus showed us His heart for this man, a man whom he loved, and God chose to…

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  1. Excellent. I’ve followed her as well. Will spread her message.

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  2. Debi · June 7

    Thanks. Followed and shared.

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