Blessed Assurance: Call to the Table in the Face of Terror

Wow! Come to the TABLE!

Radical Discipleship

ChildrenBy Ken Sehested

One important thing that hasn’t been said this week [about the savagery of separating of children from parents at the US-Mexican border] is that this Department of Justice policy change is in fact a form of terrorism.

The point of terrorism isn’t killing people. Terrorists make strategic use of aggressive trauma to spread fear for the purpose of affecting social or political objectives. Look up the FBI’s definition.*

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  1. Rev. Paul McKay · June 20, 2018

    It is absolutely a form of terrorism — and child abuse — for exactly the reason Ken said. And by the way: As to whether Hillary Clinton will be called out for misquoting scripture: I don’t even know what scripture she allegedly misused. But this just in to News Central: Hillary Clinton is NOT the President of the United States of America. She is not even Attorney General. She’s a private citizen–and is steeped in the Bible. When she was in the Senate she lead Bible study classes with extremely conservative Republican Senators who publicly gave her credit for being a good Bible teacher. You could look it up. And I don’t mean to suggest that she didn’t cherry pick the Bible for political points when in office.

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    • Agent X · June 20, 2018

      Still on subject, but taking it at a hard sudden turn, (I have been taking about Rwanda – even reposting recently about it) and I found another very interesting movie about that genocide a while back called Beyond The Gates. It has a different title for foreign viewers: Shooting Dogs.

      I mention the movie, not because its historical accuracy, It actually takes a LOT of artistic license. It is historical fiction, really. But it portrays clergy choosing to stay in the camp and serve the communion AT THE SLAUGHTER as a means of resistance.


      Takes the theology really deep into the heart to explore that.

      Kinda like that other move THE MISSION.

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