Let Me Tell You Something About Poor and Needy People

Poor and needy people will mob you with their needs (Mark 1:37, 3:7-8, 32, 5:21, 24, 27, 8:6, 10:1, 46; Matt. 4:25, 8:1, 19:2, 20:29, 21:8-9, 11; Luke 5:1, 7:11-12, 8:24, 9:11, 11:29, 14:25, 23:27; John 5:13, 6:2).  They will quite literally wash up on your shores in droves, come pouring across your boundaries without asking, and press in on you from every side (Mark 5:31).  And if you give even just one of them a healing touch, they will follow you all the way to Jerusalem (Mark 10:52).  Like a stray dog you let your kids feed, they will never go away.  In fact they will tell all their friends, and more will come (Matt. 4:24).  You can try to get away from them, but they will find out where you are going and race there ahead of you and meet you when you get off the boat (Mark 6:33; Matt. 14:13).  And the poor, you will always have with you (Mark 14:7; Matt.26:11; John 12:8).

But let me tell you something else about the poor: They know how to party! (Luke 14:13).  In fact they know how to take your party to the apocalyptic level! (Luke 14:14).  It turns out these poor people are the V.I.P.’s you always wanted to rub elbows with, but did not recognize at first (Matt. 25:31-46).  In fact, the poor and needy are the Main V.I.P.!  And he is knocking at your door – your boundary crossing – hoping you will lower your velvet rope and invite him in (Rev. 3:20).

So, where have we got to now with this new insight?

Ordering the world for Jesus is really about the easiest burden and lightest yoke you will ever be called to bear.  In fact the LOVE you find in your heart can lift this burden and bear this yoke with both your hands tied behind your back.  But of course your CONTEMPT can’t even lift a finger.

Wanna fix the problems in God’s creation?  Wanna be part of the solution instead of part of the problem?  Wanna be the difference you want to see?

Then get with Jesus.

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