Fat Beggars Nation-wide (Family Vibe)

As I was deep into morning prayers today, I realized that I have kids taking outreach ministry all across the western United States this week.  Agent Z is facilitating a Luke-14 party with his host church in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Secret Agent Kid Sister is on a mission trip to the streets of Los Angeles, California!  I am pleased to be part of this group of God’s people finding his favor taking it to the streets among the poor and needy across half the nation.  I would not have dreamed it.



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  1. Agent X · July 17

    Anonymous comment says:

    Sometimes Christian folks bomb abortion clinics, kill abortion doctors. Wow. Certainly does not seem Christ-like to me.
    I just posted these words on my FB:
    Jesus required that we pray for our enemies.
    Who are our enemies?
    Often our enemies are the bullies at school, or work, maybe our relatives that abuse us, even spouses and other family members whose hearts are filled with unvarnished criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling.
    Those who treat us with bitterness. Hostility for our faith, our personality, or for no reason at all.
    Clearly some will betray us, abandon us, stab us in the back, but even before they raise a hand against us — they are at times already our enemies.
    Those who show no respect for our persons.
    When shall we be brave enough to pray God bless these and strengthen us to show love and kindness to them in spite of their feelings for us.
    Lord mend my heart, strengthen my life and life ways that my own conduct and heart that I not enter into these attitudes and behaviors. Forgive me for any shadow of dark feelings I have to those I feel have hurt me. Help me focus on the good you are working in my life in spite of the purposes of others.


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