The Sheltered Homeless

I think Matthew’s post is very insightful. To my way of thinking, he has described the tender hooks of share croppers revisited for our modern day. This homeless problem is growing like a cancer raging away while the patient thinks she has indigestion. I wonder how the CHURCH will imagine the world the way God made it to work…

Laced up Lutheran

I met Lynn by accident.  She is a housekeeper at a motel just off the interstate about 20 minutes from the church I serve.  I was there to assist a homeless person get emergency housing for a couple of days for herself and her dogs as she made plans to move in with her sister in Maryland.  She told me her sister couldn’t come to get her for a couple of days and she had no money and nowhere to stay.  Lynn overheard this and as I was leaving, she approached me to seek assistance for herself.

Lynn shared with me that she lives in the motel.  She is paid just enough to cover the weekly cost of living there, with a little left over for her other expenses.  Not a great life for her and her two children.  But it’s what she had to do after her husband walked…

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