My Two Year Old Prays

I do my best to involve my kids in worship – even at church.  I have so many, and they are so young, that I rely heavily on the nursery staff (and I confess, I don’t know how much worship they involve the babies in), but when I can have one or two with me during the assembly, I model prayer with folded hands, bowed head, and I help them to do it too.  I hold them up on my shoulders during the music, and help them clap hands and behave joyously – which they take to like a duck in water.  And from the moment they are old enough to swallow a pinch of cracker and a drop of grape juice, I share communion with them too.

However, at home a daily routine consists of assembly-line diaper changes, assembly-line feedings, assembly-line baths and so forth.  Up until very recently, I have had four in diapers waiting on me for every need.  Anyone who has juggled one, will surely have sympathy.  Just when everything is ready to head out the door, there is a sudden need of another diaper change!  To call it all “assembly-line” routines suggests there is a “line” – an order, a step-by-step process.  But there is not.  It is seething with chaos just beneath the surface.  I was being NICE calling it all “assembly-line”.

So when I was rushing though lunch the other day and getting the first one started with eating while buckling the third one into the high chair, I didn’t even think about stopping to pray and bless the meal.


Didn’t even think of it.

Didn’t even make the check off list.

Just completely forgot to seek God’s blessing.


But then I look over at the two year old, waiting patiently (a rare event), and suddenly he folds his hands for prayer!

God is doing something through me, and doing it in spite of me.  My little agendas are all important and everything, but a bit lost too.  And so God just bypassed me.  The Spirit of God came on this child, and he prayed for us in the midst of our chaos.  And I saw it.

Filled with conviction, I stopped the presses and called everyone in the house together.  We gathered around the two year old and asked him to lead us in prayer.  And in his very simple, mostly nonverbal mixed with baby-talk/tongue of the Angels, he led us in prayer and blessed our meal and our home.

My two year old prays.



  1. Loiter Larry · August 16, 2018

    He has come such a long way. Two years ago he was hooked on meth.

    Goes to show what love will do. We could learn a lot about how to treat homeless adults and addicts from this too. You put in the time, the patience, the work and celebrate a person being in your life, odds are good they will come to admire you and try to imitate you. There might be a lot of unlearning involved along the way, but these little people piss and poop their pants for years before they get control of their behaviors. But we don’t worry about whether our help will hurt them. We just love them with great patience and most of them turn out pretty decent in about 18 or 20 years. Capable of passing it on to others too.

    That little guy is going to be alright!

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  2. errollmulder · August 16, 2018

    Love it!

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  3. Spy Vs Spy · August 17, 2018

    Jesus said: “Out of the mouths of babes”

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  4. Al · August 17, 2018

    I’ve got two of my own in diapers and today at lunch I had forgotten to pray before having my little ones eat, but my oldest, my two year old, had her hands folded and was saying the Lord’s Prayer all by herself. Thankfully, Jesus forgives our forgetfulness, and I guess we must be doing something right! 😉

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  5. Debi · August 18, 2018

    Sweetness to my ears and my heart!

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