Good Morning September!

Wow!  Wasn’t it still July just yesterday?  I can’t believe how fast the time flies.  Wow!

Where was I a year ago?

Oh, yeah.  A year ago I was getting all edgy about blogging for the homeless.  I began shedding readers.  I began getting all offensive and up in your face.  It was September – 2017, and even though it was still warm out, I could sense a cool breeze a-comin’.  And, well, on this blog I care about those who sleep in alleys, parks, empty lots, under bridges and “no trespassing” signs.  I care about whether the church, at least in my town, will care too.  And after years of addressing this issue and being ignored, shunned, and kicked out of church over it, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN BEING NICE.

Thus last September, I began a campaign of putting you, my precious few and dear readers, ON THE SPOT.  I challenged you to walk a block in the shoes of the homeless.  Remember?  Remember the campaign to skip your shower on Thursday through Sunday and show up to church like you been lying in the grave for three days?  Remember that?  I had one taker.  (And I did it too.)  That was all.  Just two of us.

What did we accomplish?


Not one thang.

But as I recall, I did speculate that IF I could attract just a few (let’s just say 12 and let it be biblically symbolic) people to show up at their churches on Sunday with that skipped-three-days-of-shower “aroma of Christ” on them, then we might really compare notes and see what we learn about ourselves and our church.  AND IF someone were to ask you why you smelled so bad, AND IF you were to tell them you accepted a challenge from a prophetic blog site to humble yourself and call attention to Jesus, THEN is it possible that others will want to join in and experience this walk-to-Emmaus experience where that smelly stranger reveals Jesus to you?  And THEN, what if whole groups of people did this?  Just imagine if a dozen people where you go to church showed up next Sunday having skipped their daily shower since Thursday, having gone out to work in the yard, the back 40, or the treadmill at the gym, putting on some grubby clothes, and showing up to worship.  DO YOU THINK YOUR PASTOR WOULD NOTICE???

If you really humbled yourself and tried this, do you think it would be a measure of your commitment to God and to his lowly sheep?


And I got one guy to try it.

And so I set out to shed readers.  I don’t need you here visiting this blog if all I do is entertain you.  I don’t want you here if I am just some reflex your mouse clicks.  Here at Fat Beggars, we are looking for a few good men (and women).  The Few.  The Humble.  The Missionaries.  Tourists need not apply.

Well… It’s September again.

I am starting up the new campaign.  I don’t need your dead weight here.  If you are gonna put your hand to the plow and turn back, then go bury the dead with the dead!  If you are interested in humbling yourself, risking your life and livelihood, and reaching out to the poor and prophetically calling your church to do so as well, then this bud’s blog’s for you.  If not, go ahead and click “unfollow”.  Gideon had too many too.

For those who stay, let’s talk about getting our churches to host Prodigal Son/Welcome Home parties for Thanxgiving and Christmas this year – and maybe for Superbowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day before Winter’s done too.  We are less than two months out from the holi-craze, and so planning will have to be fast.  But honestly, if the poor and needy think Jesus is in the house, they will pull the roof off to get their paralyzed friends lowered down inside with him.  So, really, you need to invite Jesus, and the rest will happen almost naturally.


Do me a favor with this post.  IF YOU plan to continue visiting here, please do not leave me a comment.  Rather reblog this post on your site OR link me from your Facebook OR rewrite this post in your own words and put a link to yours in the comments below.  I would rather catch attention of fresh eyes and hearts and attract people to actually DO THINGS than to just have a bloggers ho-hum experience with you.  Thanx.



  1. T. F. Thompson · September 4

    Reblogged this on Hard Times Ministries and commented:
    WTF? What’s going on here with nothing changed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agent X · September 5

      Thanx, as always, for your encouraging words and help, Tom. You have been a good friend to me for a long time now. Deeply valued.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. laceduplutheran · September 5

    Reblogged this on Laced up Lutheran and commented:
    Some interesting ideas in this post. And a call to some radical activities. Anyone interested in a party in the coming months?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agent X · September 5

      Thanx for reblogging this, Matthew. I looked, and your link is funneling more viewers here than the others – at least so far. Thanx for this contribution.

      Liked by 1 person

      • laceduplutheran · September 5

        Just trying to be helpful and be someone who lives out what i believe.


  3. Debi · September 5

    Shared on my facebook page since I don’t have an active blog page, but just for the record, even though I have not gone to church without a shower (or gone to church at all, for that matter), I don’t read your blog to be entertained. I read it because I believe in your cause and hope it will help me to find my own path. Blessings. ♥

    Liked by 2 people

    • Agent X · September 5

      Thanx for your comment! Thanx for sharing this!!! Thanx for reading here and for assessing carefully your reasons for it. You are welcome here, Debi, very welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

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