Reimagine Charity With Jesus: How Jesus Instructs Almsgiving To Achieve Effective, Lasting Change

Yes!  Join Jesus Christ for his seminar coming to Lubbock, Texas this Fall on Effective Charity and instruction in how not to cause harm when helping the poor and less fortunate.  Come prepared for a round table discussion, and be ready to learn how Jesus feeds 5000 a fish for a day!  How he heals 10 lepers yet only 1 returns to thank him.  Find out how he tells a rich man to sell everything he owns, give it to the poor, consider his riches in heaven, and then come follow!  Hear Jesus tell his disciples to “Give to all who ask”.

Act now and we will throw in Mother Mary’s prayer as an extra added bonus just for reading your Gospel and notice she says that God fills the poor with good things and sends the rich away empty handed!

Yes!  This is giving alms THE JESUS WAY!

And God knows, when you see a bum on the side of the road, you want to care.  Don’t mess it up.  Show you care like Jesus!  You don’t want to harm people or put rice farmers out of business do you???


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  1. Anonymous · September 22

    Exactly. So. Very good!


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