A Parable Appeal To Your Judgment

So this Christian family goes to the Premier Homeless Church and joins in the outreach work of ministering to the homeless.  They volunteer to chaperone homeless street people when the church opens the door to let them sleep inside on cold winter nights.  But then church leadership suddenly stops this practice claiming that keeping these people inside from the cold actually harms them.

But this Christian family also plays host to half a dozen foster children.  Foster kids are homeless too, so it makes sense that in all the homeless outreach this family does, they would open their own home to these vulnerable souls as well.

So anyway, this Christian family wants to do the right thing, and finding church leadership throwing homeless adults out of the facility to the cold of night and locking the door to keep them out, this Christian family does this to the foster children too.  All, of course, claiming that keeping them inside actually harms them.

I am sure any judge in this county, this state, or even the Supreme Court of the United States would totally understand this logic once it is all made clear on appeal.  Right?  Surely this family is doing the right thing.  Don’t you think?

Perhaps you should have a trendy debate on this at the trendy coffee house that supports this practice with the money they make off your latte.  I hear they host seminars at churches and universities where they shape the minds of young people entering the ministry professionally.  A coffee shop selling you books is making an appeal to your judgment too.


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