A Poor Man’s Miracle

I have a “praise report” (as some of us term it during regular prayer requests).  Yet this praise report is a deep cover case.  I dare not reveal even the secret agent pseudonym for this one.  And actually, it is all so very fragile.  Kinda like Moses’ mamma floating baby Moe in a basket into the Nile River among the crocodiles – he’s alive right now!  And that seems miraculous, alright, but it could all go South very, very easily!  Still, we dare to hope!

It’s like that.

Perhaps my very perceptive, very close readers here (do I have any of those?) will recognize that many months ago I posted about one of our agents in need, and even without asking – without any solicitation whatsoever – money came pouring in to the Fat Beggars office.  Every penny went to the need described (not one penny to “administrative costs” or fraud).  And upon receipt of that funding, the special agent was able to purchase a camper trailer to live in!  Yay!!!

However, there is still monthly rent.

Well, between intermittent work and other arrangements cobbled together with prayer and sticky tape, this agent has managed to keep this home-owning style homelessness afloat.  But those special arrangements started unraveling and the end came in sight… creeping ever closer.  Disaster looming.

This agent reached out to me again.

I was already watching and praying.  Praying fervently.  Very concerned.

But I have no money to give.


When this agent reached out, I lamented that I used to be able to secure help at church, but since my church read the book When Helping Hurts a few years ago, all that help dried up.  I was so ashamed of my church as we spoke.  I mean, I am talking to a homeless person who has managed to cobble together a life OFF THE STREETS!  But it is still a very precarious situation!  But my church is more anxious about helping too much or helping in some wrong way to be bothered with this case!

But I told this deep cover agent about my prayers and my continued concern.

And yesterday I got a text.

“Good News!” it said.

The land lady, it seems, does not actually NEED the rent.  This is not a commercial enterprise where the camper is located, and so the meager rent is not a livelihood thing.  BUT, it turns out, the secret agent is a valued neighbor to the land lady!


And so all that is require, really, is to pay the electric bill!

Who could have seen that coming???

We will call it a poor man’s miracle.



One comment

  1. Child Of God · September 24

    I have senator problem for different matter. Mo money


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