“Like Talking To A Wall”

Church leaders refuse to listen.  What is going on here?  Is this the church of the Bible?  Is this the Body of Christ?  Does Jesus hear my prayers?  So why can’t my church hear from me?

I am both Catholic AND Protestant.  And right now, this very moment, my church is behaving very badly and turning a deaf ear to those it victimizes.

The Catholic Church is in the news, making headlines around the world with sex abuse scandals.  The Vatican is hosting a meeting of bishops from around the world today, but the hottest issue the church faces is not on the agenda, and the sex abuse victims claim that talking to the church is “like talking to a wall”.


That’s my church!  I am a certified member of that “Body of Christ”!

Meanwhile, I also am a member of the Churches of Christ.  And in Lubbock, Texas, the Churches of Christ take a lead role in serving and helping the homeless.  I joined these efforts years ago.  During my time serving, about a decade now, this ministry has grown to more than a million dollar budget, a network of ministries and support staffing, and partnerships between churches, businesses, governing agencies, and private funding organizations.  And also during that time, I have been kicked out of this network when protesting the practice of throwing the poor out of our church-house doors to freeze to death in the winter cold.

Yes.  Kicked out.

At first we were taking the poor in – on a very limited basis.  I was one who volunteered to help.  But suddenly, and arbitrarily, “leadership” stopped this practice.  The ministry I was offering was blocked by powerful people in powerful positions of “leadership”.  My ministry was walled off by the church.

I called to verify.  I made appointments to talk to leaders who blew me off.

Then I traded emails and text messages that did not yield even an inch.  (I literally was told, “It’s a leadership decision, and you just have to accept it”.)

I became a founding member of a group of homeless prophets, and suddenly I was summoned to a series of meetings.  These meetings were civil, but fruitless.  Again, there was no reasonable explanation and no compromise.  “Leadership” did not yield one inch.  I was still walled off from the ministry I formerly shared with my church.

I held a communion service with the other prophets under the security camera at the church and ceremonially knocked on the locked door quoting Revelation 3:20.

Soon after that, I was banned.

In subsequent years I have joined church classes (other congregations) and confronted this practice with other leaders in the network.

And I am shunned.

Meanwhile, in the last three years, two homeless people on the streets of Lubbock have frozen to death.

And leadership tells me I can “scream at the top of my voice, but [I] will not be heard”.  My “voice has no volume”.  Talking to me is a “waste of time”.

Talking to my church is “like talking to a wall”.  That is what I hear on the CBS Morning news.  See the link for more:


I am a member of two churches.  One rapes children and the other throws the poor out to the cold of night to freeze to death.  And talking to the church is “like talking to a wall”.


This is truly a sad day.

If I belonged to some secret organization, a clique from school, or a gang, this would at least make sense, and I would leave such a group outright.  In fact, such groups should be disbanded.

But I am talking about church here!  And there is a terrible phenom at work here that victimizes the powerless and stonewalls the voices of confrontation.

Addressing these things is “like talking to a wall”.

Truly a sad day.



  1. John Lewis · October 3

    Click “like’ just to let you know I feel your pain. But I don’t “like” anything about this. But, unfortunately, all too true.

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  2. Spy Vs Spy · October 5

    The modern church is bureaucratic and sees it’s self protecting itself from “disunity” in a variety of ways several of which you’ve mentioned.

    In this it’s not the country kind of loosely mostly ad hot group of yesteryear so anyone could walk in and quickly gain their confidence.

    Unless you’re a trusted person, likely an insider, you’re never likely to gain a hearing once you’ve been “marked” see Romans 16:17!

    If you’re expecting to be immediately accepted into a group, and it’s an established group with a settled leadership, you’re likely…. not.

    Regaining the trust of people you’ve already “crossed” is a challenging and longer term task. By God’s grace and providence… the mission, if it’s his, is not impossible.

    Perhaps you’d do well to pray, rest in God, and wait in hope for an opening. Meanwhile stay authentic and minister to those God places in your pathway.



    • Agent X · October 5

      Someone greater than your Uncle Jethro is here.

      Jesus is “new” to the group, but that is no excuse for failure to hear what he says, heed it, follow.

      I am already years and years invested in praying and waiting for the contempt to stop. I believe that when the Premier Homeless Pseudo Church (not its real name) ran off their third wheel minister, he was well established but not on board with the new agenda and the prevailing politics of the time. Thus he is gone. Now I am too.

      I think a better question is: What do I do for a church? When your church, not merely fails to live up to its own ideals, but refuses to and marginalizes you for saying so, then is that even church still? Is that Jesus? Or should we look for another???

      I don’t like that kind of question, actually, but it is the elephant in the room. Still, I don’t find an easy answer. But it is clear to me that I cannot count on/rely on this “Body of Christ”. It’s not him.

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      • errollmulder · October 10

        I believe there comes a time when you deliberately step out of institutional church, for often it is no longer ‘church’ i.e. ‘ekklesia’ – for one’s own sanity and spiritual well-being, and for the sake of reaching the broken and the lost. Believe me, I pastored denominational churches for 38 years, I thought I could change the institution, sadly the reverse is the case. The true body is where two or three gather in Jesus’ name… You probably know that 30 million plus committed believers have already taken this route. The way less traveled, but it makes all the difference (Scott Peck). Peace!


      • errollmulder · October 10

        30 million in the USA, never mind China, Africa, South America…


  3. Spy Vs Spy · October 5

    Ad hoc. Not ad hot!


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