Breaking The First Two Rules of Fight Club

Breaking the first two rules of Fight Club is more fun than obeying the other ones.  If it’s your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

But the assignment given out at Project Mayhem is that you must start a fight with a complete stranger – and lose it.


Finding Jesus in Fight Club seems a stretch.  I mean if you have the stomach for such intense vulgarity, then you MIGHT actually look at this Messiah portrayed crucified before your very eyes.  (Sounds almost biblical.)  (No.  Wait.  It is.)


Well, isn’t that pretty much the picture you get of anyone hanging on a Roman cross???  No doubt Caesar thought so.  It is exactly what he intended and exactly the way he orders his world.

And I can’t help but recall how James Hetfield and friends pounded the idea into my brain that I follow the God that failed.  The God St. Paul portrayed before the eyes of the Galatians crucified.

…but “losing”???

Pick a fight with a complete stranger and lose it.


Except this portrayal of Christ crucified before my eyes is God’s deeply ironic victory; is it not?

Doesn’t the same St. Paul tell the Colossians that on the cross this Messiah disarmed the rulers and authorities, put them to shame, and triumphed over them?  What a strange weapon???  What a strange victory???

Pick a fight?  Yes.

Lose it?  Yes.

…but no…

Not if you LOVE the one you pick the fight with.  For then the fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities and rulers, the principalities and powers, the demons and dark forces that push us around and make us believe that we must order the world in fear and hate.

Pick the fight, and lose in one sense – fail in one sense, but win in the sense that really counts.

This is God’s world.  He made it and ordered it a certain way.  A way in which the vulnerable, naked, even naïve (but trusting) humanity bears his image and calls all of creation to bend the knee to the one whose image we bear.  Yes.  You were made to walk on water, to stop the sun in the sky, to throw mountains into the sea.  That is the world you were made to live in and for which you were equipped with naked, vulnerable trust.  And at one level, when you pick and lose this fight, you win this life.

Why would you want to win at that that other level where your prize is the order you dreamed up and now must defend against all comers?  And whatever sad world order you dreamed up, I bet it didn’t involve walking on water or mountain moving sex.

Think about it.


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