Behold! I Knocked… And A Camper Trailer Opened (Please Pray!)

Three days ago (long enough for a Savior to lay in a tomb and the disciples to find it empty) I sent an email/letter to the shepherds of the church knocking on the door.

3 Days.

I have not received a call, a reply, a text, email, personal visit – absolutely no response.

Could it still come?  Could we still get a favorable outcome?


There is nothing stopping a response or favorable outcome except contempt.  And we can pray about that!

If this knock at the door had not been ignored but instead received with ANY sense of urgency, I could have/should have received some kind of reply by now.  Even if it merely said, “We hear you and are talking about it….”.

But before the wagons circled to block me out and shun me several months ago, I received a very angry, wrathful response to a previous effort to open this dialog.  In that response, my shepherd ripped me a new one and told me:

If you ever hoped to persuade me or the other elders to hear your voice, let me now make this clear and distinct…
Your voice has no volume.  You may scream at the top of your voice, but it will not be heard.

So… I am not holding my breath.  I am buried beneath the contempt of the shepherds of the church.

Meanwhile, there was a powerful response to the knock at the door from somewhere else.  I encourage you to look at the previous post and study the comments there.  One in particular stands out.  Actually, more than one, but one stands out as a response to the knock in a most powerful way.

Here is what it says:

I have been one of the people on the streets, I have been lucky enough to have agent x and some of the people on here,help me to pay for my camper trailer and am very grateful, I have opened my door and am allowing a couple to stay with me, they have been struggling with addiction and now they are expecting a baby in February. I may not have much to offer but am grateful to be able to help someone else since I have been lucky to have people help to keep me off the streets since I am disabled. I often pray for the churches and others to open their doors for even one night and help,thank you Agent X and the others who have helped me,may you all be blessed, much love from agent MDJ

Yes, one of the readers here, Agent MDJ – a reader who has benefited prayerfully and financially (from deep sacrifice too, I might add) – has answered the knock at the door that the shepherds at the church are committed to ignoring.

I invite my readers here to pray for Agent MDJ.  She has opened her tiny, broken home to the “least of these” – risking everything she has to love others.

Oh… and talk to me about STEWARDSHIP now too, PLEASE!  This secret agent took the hundreds of dollars donated to help her last year and bought her home with it.  And now she is paying it all forward with everything she’s got.  She is investing in heaven!!!  How is that for stewardship?

I am sure you can see the risk involved.  It is the same risk my shepherds are unwilling to face and will hold me in contempt for pointing it out.  The risk is enormous!  The odds are exceptionally long!!  The outcome is almost certain failure!!!

And that is exactly what St. Peter thought of Jesus’ ministry (Mark 8:31-32).

Which means either God is at work in this or why bother?  (The shepherds are not bothered.)

So… again.  I ask you for prayers for Agent MDJ and the guests she has taken in to her tiny home.  The Christmas season approaches, and a child is on the way.  A peasant child in the belly of a young, peasant girl claiming she is a virgin! (or a woman battling addiction!).  A child is on the way and there is no room at the church!  But the child is on the way!!  The parents find lodging in a barn (or camper trailer big enough for one or two), but that is where the door opened.

And that door needs our prayers.



  1. T. F. Thompson · October 23

    Reblogged this on Hard Times Ministries and commented:
    Knock, Knock Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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  2. T. F. Thompson · October 23

    My question here is what do we expect? I know you think is so much as knocking on the door as it is pounding hammering banging on the door.

    The trick here I think is that we the church are supposed to be standing on the other side of that door as a representation of Jesus. Of course, since tell you were not there. Jesus is not there because he sent us as representatives of this church to be there for him.

    So then the accused says Jesus is not there yet the truth is it is we who are not there for Jesus. I think sometimes or if not most of the time we forget Jesus or so we claim is in us.

    How shall I compare this Generation?
    …”We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.”
    And the reason we’ve done none of these things is that a pipe is a madman and a joker is a loon. We’ve been caught up in so much of our own ways. In time even the door will be taken away beaten the ground.

    This is all expected with those of the world and and from those who claim nothing except the existentialism of themselves. Yet it is sad we hear the same from those who say they are Christians: the worlds here should not be parallel.

    And when we hear that knocking on heavens door one can only wonder if it’s going to be me or you or either of them or they who will be standing there at all.

    There should be something more than simply a knock and the sound of desperation. Truly there is the expectation of more than a sound, there should be an answer.


  3. Michael Bolstler · October 25

    Agent MDJ, whatever you do for the least of Me, you do to Me.

    As for the rest of you shepherds, you did a super-great job at clothing Me, feeding Me, etc, and I love you all equally, even though mankind fell as a result of you. So can you all go stand next to that angel over there? The train is about to leave for everlasting… umm… was it ‘fun’? I know it was an ‘f’ word.


  4. Diana Ray · November 3

    Update…..she came back to my trailer alone and I took her in again, she’s wanting to stay clean and raise her unborn child….to me that’s a big step and I am proud of her, God has blessed this young lady and I am feeling blessed as well to be able to help


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