Alive and Knocking!

I just visited the Hard Times blog where Tom reports “Christians love Jesus as long as he is dead”.  And I think he is on to something.  I am fully aware that the church I attend LOVES Jesus!  I mean a lot of time, money, and energy gets spent loving Jesus there practically every day.  But it is functionally a dead Jesus being loved there, not a live one.

We love a tame Jesus!  One we capture in stained glass, in bumper sticker theology, in “Forty Days of Purpose handsome, leather-bound journals”, in sterile Bible studies and Sunday schools, in pithy statements, in solemn liturgies.  One that endorses our politics, our well-to-do lifestyle, and who does not challenge our consumerist whims.  One who is gracious with me and my addiction to painkillers, my seduction to pornography, and is okay with my six pack of Dos Equis in my fridge (though he wouldn’t want me to overdo the help I might give to a homeless person struggling with those very things!).

Yeah.  A dead Jesus is cool with all that.

But Jesus ain’t dead ya’ll.  Not really.

Jesus is alive!  That is the Good News!!!

Jesus is alive and knocking!

When two or three homeless, smelly, tooth-missing, cold, and unsightly people gather together in his name, he is in their midst (Matt. 18:20) – especially “the least of these brothers” (Matt. 25:40) – and when they come to your church house door and knock, then:

“Behold!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you open up, I will come in and party with you!” (Rev. 3:20).

Yes.  Jesus is alive and knocking this cold November morning!  And anytime my church wants to let him in and party with him (a party for the Ages I might add!), he is ready.

It’s cold out.  Now would be a really good time to LOVE a LIVING Jesus!


Thanx Tom!

see Tom’s message here:




  1. John Lewis · November 1

    Amen brother!


  2. John Eli · November 1

    Definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing.


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