Today’s High is Yesterday’s Low

Yeah, the temps are dropping in that strange way where today’s high is yesterday’s low.  Moisture is in the forecast, but we should hover just above freezing until maybe 6am tomorrow when it will bounce back up above freezing for another day only to dip again the next morning.

And here we play a game of “Is it FREEZING or not?”.

Yeah, the homeless charitable organizations of Lubbock have now networked with each other and with government agencies and with funding organizations AND WITH “CHURCHES” to open up emergency shelter for the homeless when it freezes.  Freezing, technically, doesn’t happen until the temperature drops to 32 degrees, and that doesn’t happen until 5 or 6am, and then only lasts for an hour or two.

What is the difference between 33 and 31 degrees?

Well, on the one hand the difference is TWO degrees!  On the other, the difference is open or shut.  Welcome or not.

I hate to sound all “legalistic” about this, but what if it’s only 32 degrees for only half an hour out of the whole day and that doesn’t happen until 5am?  Is someone in charge going to get up at 4:30, round up homeless people and provide them emergency shelter from 5 to 5:30?

To be fair, I have not read the actual policy on this, but I am gonna go out on a limb and suggest that they won’t.

So when does this policy trigger into action?

Well, in the past (I don’t know about the present, and these things tend to change from year to year), the technical line of demarcation that triggers emergency shelter is 32 degrees at, or by, 5pm.

And you can see how so many logistical concerns find themselves settled with such a policy.  It makes sense – to those implementing it.

But for a church?  Is this LOVE?

Love from Jesus in Lubbock shown to the homeless either entirely sidesteps the church OR it is very “legalistic” in nature.  It kicks in, not at 33 degrees, but at 32, it kicks in not at 7pm, but at 5pm.  It never involves a church opening their doors to the poor, but an emergency facility on the other side of the tracks.

There is sacrifice, alright, but then even “legalists” are into that sort of thing.  Someone funds it all, and that is a sacrifice, but its a really small sacrifice of mint, dill, and cumin, I think.

But one thing is sure, if you want to really help… go buy a latte at your favorite coffee shop and then don’t worry your pretty little head another minute.

And remember – JESUS SAVES!


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