A New Project / A Different Direction

Agent X is now (I think) embarking on a new project of a very different nature.  One that I welcome readers here to join upon request.

I am starting a serious Bible study via the web on an invitation basis (CONSIDER THIS YOUR INVITATION).  The study begins with the Gospel of Luke with a projected end with Acts of the Apostles, and I expect it to take several months, if not all of 2019.  However, it is all fairly tentative and not set in stone.  It will be a secondary project not directly related to this blog at all.

At this point I expect to offer it via email rather than the blog.  This blog is not dedicated to Bible study in the manner I am offering, so I will not offer it here.  The structure and format may change with time, but a group email is how I plan to start it off.

A Bible Study with Agent X promises to be more CHALLENGING than most BS you have experienced before.  I intend to offer innovative approach that CHALLENGES you to see Jesus like you never saw him before – at least different from most of the slick marketed studies found for sale in major publications.  I also aim to give you a robust EXPERIENCE with the study rather than some simple devotional or complex/sterile academic exercise.  Nevertheless, the offerings will be rather conservative in nature.

I am open to being CHALLENGED by Jesus myself, and by him through those who accept this invitation as well.  Thus I hope to learn from you as well as you learn from me.  But if you haven’t caught on to the idea yet, let me mention the word “CHALLENGE” one more time.  I think the complacent church of America that purchases its “Jesus” at the mall has had enough dulling effect for one generation, and some challenge is in order.

If that interests you, let me add that THE STUDY IS ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE, you are welcome to copy it and share with others (one would hope with inmates), and you are free to participate AT-WILL to the extent you desire.  Anytime you want to bow out, just send me a request to unsubscribe.  However, if you join, you will be required to share your email address with all the other participants from all over the nation (many of whom I never met face-to-face), and you will be required to engage the strange ideas from me (and fellow explorers) with respect – even, and especially, where we disagree.

If you are still interested in the CHALLENGE of studying Luke with Agent X, or if you have questions concerning it, leave me a comment below with the email address where you want to receive messages (I WILL NOT PUBLISH THOSE COMMENTS HERE), and thus subscribe.


Agent X

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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