So What Is Stopping Us?

In my previous post I asked if you heard of the rich church that sacrificially gave up their best hospitality for the lowliest of homeless people and worshiped together.  Of course, you haven’t.

Backing up just a bit, you DID hear about the rich church… CHECK!

All the rich professionals, the elaborate church building, the orchestral choir and all that lavish stuff.  Yeah, you heard of all that.

Going forward a bit, you MIGHT hear about the church where the pastor teaches exceptionally well about the love, the humility, and the sacrifice of Jesus, and his powerful persuasion to be like Jesus…  CHECK!

All those rich Christians affording a fantastic sermon from a skilled orator.  Yeah, you heard of all that, probably.

A church that puts this stuff together AND actually acts LIKE Jesus as a result?  …NO CHECK!

At the end of the post, I ask WHY NOT?

What stops us doing it?

What stops a church full of blessed resources, just bursting at the seams with God’s blessings … a church devoted to the teachings and example of Jesus, from opening the door to the poor?

I am sure there are more than one reason for this.  But I am asking.  So let’s list them off.  Let’s name these demons!


  1. Debi · November 21, 2018

    The first thing that popped into my mind is that the “owners” of such a church building don’t want to stink up the place with unwashed bodies. 😦


    • Agent X · November 21, 2018

      Let’s call that demon CONTEMPT.

      A really nasty demon, if you have contempt for Jesus, you won’t be loving him. A good point.

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  2. laceduplutheran · November 21, 2018

    Fear. The wealthy have control over their lives – or so they think. When the body changes (the church body), who is in control starts to change. The status quo changes. The power dynamics change. The fear is that the ones who were in power, who were the decisions makers, will have that power taken away from them. And then what?

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    • Agent X · November 21, 2018

      It’s a sure sign something is wrong in the church when the church answers to FEAR rather than God. The Holy Spirit doesn’t do that.

      Good point. I remember several years ago approaching leadership at my former church about hosting a “lock OUT” (in contrast to the lock ins the teenagers host). Seriously, I asked permission to host an all night weenie roast on the lawn where we would provide bedrolls, a meal, some campfire/worship songs to any passing by who might stay the night. Thought we would do it on a Saturday night and then invite the drifters to come in for worship in the morning.

      The idea was greeted with excitement by this leader and the next who kept telling me to take it up the chain of command. When it finally reached the top enchilada… word came back down that though it was a fantastic idea, there were liabilities preventing us doing it.

      To be perfectly honest, I don’t REALLY think we were all that afraid. My kids were in the youth group enjoying the contrasted lock ins and the reports from then (plus my own memories of such events) indicated there were a lot of shenanigans going on in those parties that would put a church in the lurch. Hosting drifters and homeless people outside on the lawn is a far cry from all that, but a lot nearer contemptuous. Nevertheless the OFFICIAL answer was that as a church we would answer to FEAR instead of LOVE.

      Thanx for the insightful reply!

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      • laceduplutheran · November 21, 2018

        Ah yes, liability. I now hate that word. It’s the go to excuse for anything these days. I can just here Jesus now- “If any are to bd my follower, let them deny themselves and follow me.” A would be follower – “um, Jesus… I know your God and all, but our liability policy won’t allow for carrying crosses. So yeah.” Jesus – “darn, i knew we should bought the crucifixion waiver!”

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