Giving Thanx for Drug Addiction

When I was a teenager, I was an Ozzy fan.  One of his not-so-big hit songs was called Thank God For The Bomb.  In those days, during the Cold War, there was a feeling that assured, mutual nuclear annihilation kept the East and the West from blowing each other off the map – from blowing away the map itself.  So the self-professed Prince of Darkness sang a song of Thanxgiving to God, no less, for “The Bomb”.

I think it was meant to be ironic AND to poke a hole in the disingenuous rhetoric of the powers-that-be.

Nevertheless, it characterizes a whole category of thankfulness that, if taken seriously, is bitter/sweet.  It’s a category we do take seriously when life has handed us a bushel of lemons from which we have made lemonade.  In recent weeks my dad has begun speaking of “gift” when referring to the divorce that once devastated his life.

I don’t know about all that, actually.  In both cases, whether The Bomb or The Big D (and I don’t mean Denver), calling either one “good” in some sense seems to stretch it to the breaking point.

Nevertheless, I can confidently say I am deeply thankful for the children who come to live in The House of God here at the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners.  The ones who have made this their permanent placement all came to us within days of their birth.  They don’t know the homelessness from which they come, but they were born addicted to drugs.  That is what prompts them to live here with me (with us).

The fact is… I am now surrounded by beautiful people God made for his glory.  Each one priceless and precious beyond compare!  I am so deeply blessed!  And while I am deeply sorry for our world, broken as it is with drug addiction (among other things), this home and this gathering of people forming a family on this Thanxgiving Day would not have happened if not for drug addiction.

So, in that deeply ironic sense, I am thankful, so it seems, for drug addiction!

Should make for an interesting offering at the Thanxgiving table when we all list off the things we are thankful for this year.

Perhaps this is just one small way we are called to be a light in a dark world, to join the small light that overcomes the darkness (should come as a surprise to the Prince of Darkness!).

One comment

  1. Lily Pierce · November 22, 2018

    Reminds me of the verse that says God works all things to the good for His people. It wasn’t good that our church was burnt down, but we now have a multi-use, fully accessible facility. It’s not good that I was born with a disability, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t been. Thank God for silver linings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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