You’ve Heard It Said… “Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin”

It’s a nifty phrase, don’t you think?

It’s not in the Bible, but I get it.  It makes sense… sorta.  It helps to keep straight that there are standards of both behavior and LOVE that do not cancel out each other.  I don’t have to like your sin or endorse it, but I am supposed to love you.

Yeah.  I can handle that.

So if that makes sense, then surely you can appreciate the problem with saying, “Hate the Homeless; Love the Homeless Ministry”.

Let me say that again:

Hate the Homeless; Love the Homeless Ministry.

Not making sense?

Well it shouldn’t.  Because it doesn’t.

In fact, it has taken me a long time to catch on to it BECAUSE it doesn’t make sense, AND it’s not in the Bible.

Yeah.  I belong to a church that LOVE’s our Homeless Ministry alright.  We are major contributors to the work, alright, AND we offer Bible classes designed to educate our church on the issue and how to help it.  Some of our ministers even run a coffee shop where every purchase of your favorite latte raises money for the cause too.  We send our youth group to short term missions on the streets of Los Angeles, California every year.  And many from our church volunteer for a number of charity organizations that serve the homeless.

So, yeah, we LOVE the Homeless Ministry.


Come to our worship services on any given Sunday and look around.  You won’t see a homeless person among us.  We don’t share our worship or our lives with THEM. No.  We have a (separate but not quite equal) church for THEM across town… where THEY are more comfortable anyway.  And if I offer a homeless person a dollar, I will come under scrutiny for it, but if I give a dollar to anyone else, that is fine.  If I point out that we have homeless people sleeping out even in our part of town and ask if we can open our door for them, I am emphatically told ‘NO!”

Thus we…


It’s worth noting.



  1. John Eli · December 5

    Wow…. sadly that is the truth. That was a difficult word to swallow, but it was necessary to hear.


  2. clashofcashntrash · December 5

    It’s like when WHEN HELPING HURTS hurts. In fact, it is. It pretty much is that exact idea backfiring… plain and simple.


  3. John Lewis · December 5

    As I always, love the sinner, hate your own sin. And, love your neighbor as yourself…even if that neighbor does not have anywhere to lay his head.


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