My Idea of Church Must Just Be Radically Different

Lubbock got hit with almost a foot of snow in one morning!  It is such a rare level of snow storm for us here, to be sure.  However, it’s managed NOT to be utterly paralyzing like you might think.  Dangerous, yes, but not epic.

The roads were surprisingly passable yesterday.  But they remained wet and then froze in the deep freeze last night.  So, traffic this morning… beware…  Right?


So… many churches all over Lubbock either canceled or delayed services today.

Makes sense…. Right?



I mean, the hospital didn’t close.  The fire department is still keeping us safe.  The police are out there watching over us.  They didn’t cancel or delay at all.

I am wondering about the church…

Do we need to gather for worship at times like this?  It seems a bit nuts, no?

Well, it wasn’t nuts for my wife, the nurse, to get up and out at 6:30 this morning and answer the call to be at work tending to sick babies.  And I recall a few years ago when we had a massive snow that actually did paralyze us and that the Sheriff’s office called in all hands, and the jail staff worked round the clock for 3 days and nights!

We saw this storm coming, this week.  We could have prepared.

I wonder why my church didn’t hit the stores and stock up on groceries, round up all the needy and poor people of our community, and take them in 2 days ago for a 72 hour worship service!  Why is it that people who said YES to Jesus and to picking up our crosses and follow him don’t see this?

I guess I just really must see church very differently from all the others.



  1. Debi · December 10

    What a wonderful, beautiful idea that would be! I pray for it to happen all across this country this winter.


  2. angiemarie · December 14

    Reblogged this on Andreasavoia's Blog.


  3. angiemarie · December 14

    This is so sad. I’m in agreement with Debi! Amen


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