Recycling Easter posts…. Still waiting for the message to get through….

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

We dressed up in our fresh Spring outfits, raced to worship, watched multimedia, dramatized illustrations of the impact of an Empty Tomb on the world and our lives!  The preacher even made a firm point to tell us this is the most certain truth there is in life!

And then…

As I drove away from church, I passed at least 3 (probably more I did not notice) men (HOMELESS MEN) selling newspapers on different street corners on my way home.

And I wonder…

Is Jesus honored by all that color, praise, worship, and multimedia dramatizations that gripped my imagination so powerfully a few minutes ago?  And what difference does his resurrection make in the lives of those homeless men making a buck off us church people as we leave that service?  Does it cheer them?  Does it make them more fit for citizenship in heaven?  Did it make…

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  1. Michael Bolstler · April 21, 2019

    If those three men you passed received enough money to be above the poverty line, Jesus will soon be back, almost certainly within our lifetimes, and pretty much everyone who ever lived, will live forever in his kingdom. because we gave even the least of him their bread.

    God does not care if a person spends their money on a home, only that they had the choice to do so, which right now they usually do not.

    If those three men you passed were living in poverty, then we will soon depart into everlasting fire and a New Earth will begin, at what is later determined to be Easter Sunday or Monday of 33AD. Reincarnation with the odd moment of deja vu, is a poor substitute for everlasting life in God’s kingdom.

    If the first guy into the lava lake was standing with feet firmly planted on a big rock overlooking it, offering up his soul to God as a burnt offering when the pit swung open. Then technically everybody else will be said to have followed him. Being in the right position is everything in this world, and the reward is quite worthless. I am just another guy in a long line of people who did not abandon Jesus for a second time.

    But although I may fall from an unrepentant world over and over, Jesus only rises above it once. His part in this world is finished, until we finish with similar perfection. As individuals facing what often seems to be an uncaring world full of greedy idiots, all we can do is forgive them unconditionally, lay down our glorious eternal lives for them, and then do it again and again, until all men and women and people somewhere in between, are treated in the way Jesus taught.

    Eventually we will choose Jesus, because choosing anything else just leads back to the beginning he already finished. This is the most certain truth.


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