Storms On Lubbock’s Homeless Tonight – Please Pray

O Lord, I pray for every beggar, bum, and prophet on the streets of Lubbock not welcome in either Your house or mine tonight.  Be with them.  Give them Your hope, Your joy, Your peace, and Your comfort in full measure and don’t delay!

But as they suffer, as we know they do, and as they face tonight’s storms prepared only with Your provision, I pray You help them bear Your image in the world.  Express Yourself through them so that at the sight of You in them, may the mountains bow down, the valleys stand at attention, and the crooked places straighten out like Isaiah told us about in the days of old.  So at the sight of You in them, may the whole economy turn upside down and shake it out on the ground just like You did using those beggars of old at the gates of Samaria.  And so at the sight of You in them, may Your Kingdom Come and Your Will be done in Lubbock, like it is in heaven!

I know that every lowly person on our streets is precious to Jesus even if not to the rest of us.  But with storm winds, tornadoes, and tennis ball sized hail predicted, I pray that You show Yourself in them among us and draw all of us to You now.  For Your own glory, I pray it…

In Jesus name,



(Can I get an Amen?)



  1. T. F. Thompson · May 20

    Naw, you can’t beat the heat. I wouldn’t mind the rain or hail, but not the 99 degree heat. Can’t take it.


  2. Debi · May 24

    Amen. Better late than never. No wifi where I’m visiting and I can do little on my phone so I’m way behind. Hope all is well in Lubbock. ❤


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