The Love of God

This Just In…

The Love of God is a cross-carrying, self-sacrificial AGAPE.

Did I over state it?

Or did I under state it?

When God so loved the world (most famous of all Bible memory verses), he gave his only Son.  And anyone warming a church pew surely knows that means Jesus died in a saving act in which he takes your debt and pays it off for you (Col. 2:14) with everything he’s got (Phil. 2:7-8).

You did nothing to deserve this divine kindness.

And for generations of Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, and practically every mainline Protestant church, this observation is the very center of the faith.

So why on earth would Evangelicals, today’s descendants of those groups, swallow the message of a book like When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fikkert or like Toxic Charity by Lupton?

Does the helping hurt?

It certainly hurt Jesus.

Does that mean we need to rethink, revamp, and undo the salvation of the cross for a more “effective” way?

Think about it.

One comment

  1. blessedbethepoor · June 14, 2019

    Well said. Thanks always. God bless.



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