“LAST CHURCH” You Will Ever Need (or want) – Prophetic Service Announcement #2

Okay, I know yesterday’s PSA was sharp, witty, to the point, even powerful and true to real life…  BUT… It still was a cheap shot.

Yes, I know many a TV preacher, many a seeker-friendly church, many a billboard or TV ad make it easy to be so critical – maybe even necessary.  In fact, they invite the cheap shot with all they’ve got.

But it’s still a cheap shot.

So, in the interest of the four fingers pointing back at me, let me invite you (and myself) to LAST CHURCH, a humble gathering of meager souls that meets (when we can) in a half-empty storage unit or in a barn.  Sometimes (rain or shine) under a bridge by the creek on the dump road.  One time in a van.

The members (hardly more than a dozen) frequently sell all they own, which usually ain’t much, and give it ALL to the collection basket (Deacon Humble’s ball cap).  And if you showed up on GIVE ALL Sunday, everyone else there would watch you fish around in your wallet when Humble’s hat comes around.  So, you might feel a little bit on-the-spot just then.

The singing isn’t professional or polished, but it has heart.  The preaching sounds more like a fellow searcher than a professional philosopher.  And the prayer service seems to last for more than an hour as this handful of sinners gathered together confesses all their weaknesses before God and one another – struggles with alcohol, street drugs, turning tricks for a quick buck, and every now and then someone confesses something really heinous that disturbs everyone else to hear it – like having sex with your parent or something worse.  But the tears of sorrow and confession seem so genuine and cleansing, and the price of admission is only EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT.

If that’s the church you find, would you consider attending it?

What if I invite you?

Will you come?


It’s not a perfect church by any stretch.  Not even a particularly good one.  But if I took you for a visit, would you consider making it your church home?

Would you even come for a visit?

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  1. Child Of God · June 19, 2019

    Best kind if Church

    Liked by 1 person

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