A Librarian’s Guide to Homelessness

I have NOT done much reblogging this year, but this blog and this post strike me as providing an important window on the HOMELESS. Not the biblical window I would champion, but since our pastors and churches seem so far down on the learning curve, I wonder if pastors shouldn’t learn a thing or two over the shoulders of librarians.

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  1. Agent X · June 23, 2019

    One of my regular readers likes to use the phrase “Light houses don’t compete”.

    It’s not a phrase you find in the Bible, and one I question, actually. Though I respect this reader, I think such a catch phrase needs to be contextualized before I would embrace it. I can imagine lots of competition actually, especially between a Roman cross and a human empire. Both claim to be the source of light for your way, but both are not.

    I also find lesser lights and greater lights in our world. Some light is better than no light, and I find it deeply ironic, and more than a little troubling, to find the very humanist approach of this video to be more caring than most of the churches I experience. I find it odd that this video might teach pastors, but I think it could, and I hope it would.

    Notice that no where in the presentation does Ryan quote or allude to Scripture whatsoever. The worldly wisdom he appeals to is largely psychological and sociological, yet obviously he CARES. A little love coupled with these lesser lights actually goes a long way. How much more the LOVE of God and the Wisdom of God???

    But if Ryan is making such insightful videos and shedding so much light on a difficult subject for LIBRARIES (and I get it, I have run into the homeless in our libraries many, many times), then sadly our churches should come here to learn (since in my experience I rarely find the homeless in church). The lesser light house is outshining the greater!

    When Jesus walks those dusty trails of Galilee and criss-crosses the Sea, the multitudes of needy people flock to him crowd him, press in on him, and search for him eagerly!

    So why is that that I find those needy masses at our library and not at our church?

    Thus I will endorse this lesser light, but I will lament, at the same time, that it’s like searching a dark room with a match that keeps blowing out when if we would just open the door and the window, the sunlight of day would come flooding in and make matches seem silly.

    So… yes. Please watch the video and learn, but then talk to Jesus about these things!




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