Compassion without a charge

It is so very refreshing to find people willing to speak up for the voiceless – even when those addressed by it are God’s people. Thanx for posting this!

Church of Lilith


These are words that many people who claim to be followers of Jesus like to use to describe their faith. These are beautiful words but rarely do they accurately reflect the modern Christians actions in this world. When the average christian is presented with a person who has less in a financial capacity, such as a homeless person begging for change does that christian look the beggar in the eye, acknowledge a sense of kinship with their fellow human and give what they have or do they ignore the human within this need, shrouding the individual in terms like addict, dirty, jailbird, or lazy? Why is it that those who claim Christ as their Lord and Savior assume a superiority over the homeless? The Biblical character Jesus didn’t have a fixed address or income and he did not look down on those who had even less than…

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