“I’ll Have What She’s Having!”

I am not a big fan of “chick flicks” generally.  Romantic comedy is not my USUAL genre of movie enjoyment.  (And I like movies!)  But there is one HUGE exception, in my list of favorite movies: 1989’s When Harry Met Sally.

This is all the more an anomaly since the movie is such an overt exploration of casual sex, which I do not advocate in the slightest.  The plot, the language, the worldview portrayed, not to mention the genre, all make a perfect recipe for me to leave it alone.  But the acting is good, and the zingers and one-liners are brilliant… and… and then there is that most perfect comedic scene where Meg Ryan, sitting opposite Billy Crystal in a restaurant surrounded by the anonymous, restaurant-eating public enjoying a fine meal, fakes an orgasm and draws the attention of everyone in the place, then suddenly stops and goes back to eating as if this were normal conversation.  And then the lady at the next table tells the waiter, “I’ll have what she’s having!

I’m sorry for this guilty pleasure, but that is absolutely hilarious, comic genius, and Rob Reiner casts his own mom in the role of the lady delivering this line for the cinematic ages!

The whole scene is just so daring, so jarring, so funny!  It’s like nothing else.  A moment of cinematic history in a class all by itself!

What starts off looking to all the world like a simple meal shared by two anonymous faces in a crowded restaurant among other faces sharing other meals all among themselves suddenly turns into the MEAL of all meals!  The motherload of comedy and laughter, of delight and thrill.  And the other diners can’t help but notice.  In fact the thrill of THIS meal interrupts their meals, and the lady at the next table daringly expresses her jealousy for THIS meal!

This meal shows up all the others!  All these anonymous faces choosing items off the same menu and indulging in the glorified calories for daily sustenance which they pay for and leave a tip for, suddenly realize that over at THAT TABLE, that lady is having a PARTY, a very intimate and glorious PARTY!  She is practically naked and unashamed about it.  Her meal is getting her SOUL’s NEED MET!!!  And the lady at the next table wants in on that!

Does any of this sound like another meal you PARTAKE in?

Or NOT???

What about the meal Jesus gives us?

Does he not share it with his Bride?  Is not THIS marriage the TRUTH against which all others are pretenders at best???  Does THIS intimate party not cast all the casual sex in the world in the light and show it to be a fools parody of TRUE LOVE?

So why is it that the church reduces this meal to a pinch of cracker, a thimble of grape juice, and a somber moment of quiet reflection?  Is that REALLY the meal we eat with the Bridegroom???

Or is something wrong with this picture?

And why, if THIS MEAL is so good, are there not people at the next table, suddenly feeling jealous of us?  And why are we not sharing it with THEM?

Think about it.

I don’t know about you, but “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Somebody preach THAT!



  1. harolene · October 23, 2019

    I have that in my very limited movie library and watch it when I need a laugh!! Point taken is if we made our life as a follower of Jesus look more appealing we could entice more into that narrow road! Thanks for breaking loose on this one, loved it ❤️🙏🏼

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    • Agent X · October 23, 2019

      Yes. I concur with your feedback, but actually, I am zeroing in on Eucharist here.

      We treat the Lords Supper like its a symbol of a symbol of a supper, and we don’t treat it like a meal where we actually see and KNOW God and are known by God.

      We talk a good game about how important it is, but functionally, we betray all our fancy talk.

      Look closely at all the meals of the Bible starting with the very first one at the tree of life and let them all bounce sparks off the one Jesus gives us.

      Consider, for instance, Passover. Passover isn’t just some food. It isn’t just a Saturday night party. It is deliverance! And its deliverance we actually EAT, and we EAT it with God!

      Look at the road to Emmaus. It’s in the breaking of the bread that the disciples’ eyes are opened and the see the stranger is actually the Risen Lord!

      I think this meal puts Meg Ryan to shame, but Ryan’s meal puts all the others to shame – including the Lords Snack we observe at church where I attend.

      I am suggesting we revisit that meal with much bigger expectations and richer sharing in the communion.

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      • harolene · October 23, 2019

        Wow all so true !!

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      • Agent X · October 23, 2019

        Let me explain what prompts this post:

        I talk sometimes with my friend Tom (see his comments here frequently) and he has pointed out to me something which I overlooked when it happened.

        Last year, when my church decided to shun me, in the confrontation leading up to that, one of the things said to me (which I cannot quote without looking up now, but which is in the written email record) expressed contempt for the fact that I was requesting our church open the doors to the poor and needy AND THROW THEM A PARTY.

        It was THE PARTY that got belittled in the confrontation, as if the PARTY isn’t worship, as if worship isn’t powerful and healing, and as if “helping the poor” with such a party is just nonsense.

        And the more I think about it, the more I realize that despite all our theological reflections and fancy jargon regarding Eucharist, we keep reducing it to the smallest of gestures. It is practically microscopic really. Sad.

        But as Tony Campolo taught me, when you look at the tithes Israel brings to God in Deut 13 and 14, what we are looking at is 1/10 of the national gross income!!! Wow!

        And what does God tell Israel to do with all that cash???

        Campolo suggests that if it were his church, they would presume all that tithe is intended for the new family life center, the new gymnasium, the new sanctuary, and of course to fund missions too.

        But in Deut, God tells Israel to throw a huge party! And specified for the guestlist??? The orphans, widows, and sojourners!!! the poor and needy among them!!!

        Now think about that. One tenth of the gross national income blown on a party!

        Only God would dream of it.

        What is He up to?

        We should meditate ON THAT!

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  2. Debi · October 23, 2019

    Well thanks. Now I’m feeling the need to have a party like that! No really — Thanks!

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  3. T. F. Thompson · October 23, 2019

    There is nothing like eating out. And the trouble we have is that everyone is either having or wants what the other guy has. “Everybody is either making love or else expecting rain.” Desolation Row Bob Dylan And that’s about where we are…stuck in the middle of a song that is nothing but despair.

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  4. T. F. Thompson · October 23, 2019

    Reblogged this on Hard Times Ministries and commented:
    “….Either making love or else expecting rain…”

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  5. mitchteemley · October 23, 2019

    A big fat reverently irreverent Amen!

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