Sometimes I Watch Them Sleeping

So, we have all these foster children living in our home.  A couple of them are adopted now, but many have come and gone, and by far, most of them are very young babies.  Needy urchins, who through no fault of their own, will literally die if someone doesn’t provide for them EVERYTHING necessary for life and love.

Thus you can imagine how treasured those quiet moments are when everyone is asleep.

And sometimes I go check on the sleeping babies.  And some of those times, I stop and linger… watching… and really just FEELING the love.  The innocence and vulnerability of these babies grips my heart, and I think how satisfying it is to have snatched two, three, or four (however many I have at any given moment) from the fire!  They are safe, snug, sleeping in PEACE that passes their understanding!  And I get to play some part in it.  I feel the love welling up in my heart in those moments and often will just stand watch and pray.

Maybe you raised kids and know what I am talking about.  Maybe you fostered and snatched some from the fire, and really know what I am talking about!

This is work that makes the world a better place!

Is this the heart of a shepherd?  To gather the sheep in the fold and to take stock of the PEACE they sleep in??  And if one strayed away, wouldn’t I drop everything to chase after and bring that one back???

Even IF we decide shepherding God’s sheep is somehow MORE than that, we dare not say it’s any LESS!

So, what is welling up in your heart when you see a man (or woman) asleep on a park bench?  In an alley way??  On the stoop of a church building???

Is it a FEELING of love?  Of FEAR??  Of DREAD???

If you brought that person in to the sanctuary and offered them warmth and a dry place to sleep protected from the wolves of the night roaming the streets, would you feel satisfied that you snatched one, two, or three (or more) from the fire?  Would you help them find PEACE that surpasses YOUR understanding???

Those people sleeping out there are somebody’s babies.  Someone gave birth to them.  Someone who did not manage to keep them out of the fire.

Now they are God’s babies! 

Are you His shepherd???



  1. T. F. Thompson · November 5, 2019

    Anyone who has ever been around young ones know that when they sleep next to you, they will always stick out a little arm or leg to touch you. These little ones want to contact, to touch you the same as our need to touch God.
    That touching makes us real to each other.
    And for those who fail to have an abortion…and conclude our children are a mistake…God does not make mistakes and your life may have come from a sin of sex, but the life was a gift from God Himself. And when young like that, those little ones are a carbon copy of a baby Jesus.
    Those out on the street are just a little older. God bless you if you love them. We are all an act of creation…never a mistake.

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  2. T. F. Thompson · November 5, 2019

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