Living Homeless

I don’t often find people who experience homelessness blogging and giving THEIR voice to the conversation, so upon finding this one, I want to point you to it. I encourage you to listen carefully. Yes there is a lot of frustration and angst in this post. Yes it is just her perspective and not a neutral or objective one. But it’s a real one. One worth hearing. I hope you will.

Fighting back against DCF CPS and the Corrupt Court and Foster Care System

This article has been on my heart and mind for a while and I have been trying to get a hold of the point that I am trying to make. Unfortunately the word Corruption jumps up in my mind over and over.

There’s a lot of government Corruption involved in the homeless problem in America. I have been homeless three times. The first time my children and I moved from Jacksonville FL to Tampa. The person who was supposed to meet us didn’t show up so my children and I ended up at Metropolitan Ministries. A shelter for women and children and families Actually. It was a shock to all of us to even be in a shelter. I went between uncontrollably crying and laughing for a couple of days. After I got my mind together I was able to go to the appointments set for me at homeless recovery…

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