I pray the shepherd hears the cry of the lambs. A shepherd is what the lambs really NEED.

We Are Homeless, Not Invisible

Sleep doesn’t come easy. Most people are used to quiet and dark when they sleep. I have to deal with sounds of cars and headlights at night. I would give anything for drapes for my car. I know the little tricks to create darkness in the car. Here’s the problem. I’m claustrophobic. Without some kind of airflow, it’s a guaranteed panic attack. So, I have to keep a window cracked just enough that I can see it’s cracked open. At least on cold nights. Or rainy nights. Or both.

Once I manage to get to sleep, I’m almost always woken up by pain. Pain in my back, shoulder, hip, knee, something. It’s not comfortable sleeping in a car. I can only imagine what it’s like sleeping outside. It’s in the mid 40’s right now and raining. My window is crackedopen and it is cold. Cold enough that I actually…

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