HOW we love shows WHO we love…

This is how it’s done, ya’ll. I hope everyone at church where I go reads this.


Recently, I met with someone whom I was counseling with on the difficulty of ‘Hard Love’.

You know, the kind of love that your heart knows you’re to engage in, but your flesh fights it with all resilience. It’s that kind of love that only Jesus talks about. The kind of love that makes you serve your enemy, turn your cheek, and be Jesus despite the screaming of all your emotions to run as fast as you can the other way! Come on, I know you know what I’m talking about…

In our conversation, I began to share about an experience that my husband and I had several years back.

It’s kinda crazy how it all began….

Kay and her husband were what some Docs in the ER call ‘Frequent Flyers”. My husband (Joel) had been the Doc on call in the local ER many a times, Kay and her…

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