Jesus WAS Homeless (Still IS Homeless, and Why It Matters)

Blast From The Past Post. Here again is another in the BFTP series that I think should have got more attention. Now, years later, I am reblogging it to give it a second chance at your attention.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

IMG_0389  I must be naïve, because I really thought this was a foregone conclusion.  The message “Jesus Was Homeless” is printed on the back of Fat Beggars School of Prophets tee shirts and spread all over this town.  I would have thought that anyone who ever read Matthew 8:20 would plainly accept it.  Anyone who ever read Matthew 25:43 might quibble that in fact Jesus still is homeless.  But there is a real push out there to say that Jesus was NOT homeless, and I encountered it at the Mahon Library one day when a stranger approached me while I was wearing one of our shirts to condemn me for the message on it.  I was stunned.

The man approached, made his comment about how the message was a lie, and then withdrew.  He did not come with a reasoned argument to persuade, but merely a jab.  I attempted to…

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  1. nonviolentchristians · November 23, 2019

    Hi Agent X, I shared your comment on my blog as a post. If you would rather I did not I will delete it. Thank you Jon


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