Help those in need

Amen to this post! I wanna circulate this message. I hope both my readers will swing by and give this blogger a minute of your time. I think youwill be blessed.

Heaven's above

My dear friends when you see someone in need what do you do, do you stop and say how can I help or do you see the person in need but say to yourself not my problem somebody else’s problem and without a thought walk by on the other side of the street because my friends there are many people who would do exactly that.

Sometimes I wonder what if I had a callousness of the heart would I be better off off especially financially, well yes certainly.

Well it’s not who I am and I hope it’s not who you are. It is true that I am of large stature and I am compassionate but unlike the man spoken about by John Wesley I am not insensitive to the needs of the many because I see them everyday.

In every street in every Village, every street in every town…

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